4 Android Apps that Shocked me : Top 3+1 Android app hare

today we’ve got almost a Hall of Fame 4 applications each one so simple but effective that I really wish I’d found them earlier all app downlod links availble in artical below

1. PICNIC– photo filter for dark sky

picnic made specifically for people who like taking photos of landscapes whether that’s while traveling on holiday or just out the window of your car this app then detects the part of your image that is sky and well allows you to change it in one tap your cloudy day can become a rich sunset a midsummer night or the sight of an Aurora it also adjusts the lighting in the rest of the image to reflect this and you have to look pretty carefully sometimes to even be able to tell it’s been edited it also allows you to shoot straight from the camera and in real time adjust the sky which is pretty cool the

Number two is Snapseed google’s own photo editor and you’ve probably heard of it you may well already have it downloaded but there are three features which you might not have heard of which have each at one point or another shocked me head pose which allows detection of faces and then lets you change which way you are looking it has a deep understanding of how people’s faces look in three dimensions and then uses it to estimate how yours would look frighteningly accurate expand which is kind of like a reverse crop feature it uses what is in your image to predict what could be outside and allows you to expand your picture beyond what you’ve actually taken a little estimate the blank the third thing is the healing tool which works almost like a paintbrush but instead of being a particular color it removes imperfections this could be anything from a monobrow to people you want to get rid of in the background of your shot one tap they just disappear in fact Snapseed is so powerful that I’ll sometimes find myself sending a photo from my Mac to my phone so I can edit it bette

3.StoryZPhoto Motion & Cinemagraph

stories z does this in the very literal sense you load up a shot you’ve taken and select areas where you want to simulate motion we then define points that should be stable and you let the app handle the rest now this one is a little harder to get right and there are some cases where the result just isn’t something you’d be proud to share but when it does work it’s a really special

4. AdobSpark Post: Graphic design made easy

number 4 is spark post a really fast way to make collages posters or even wallpapers and I’ve got to say it really does take the skill out of it you find the section that best relates to what you’re trying to do pick a template you like and everything is adjustable I’ve actually seen a bunch of youtubers that use this for Instagram stories it lets you squeeze much more into one single post and it can look snazzy Oh than posting just individual photos

All apps links hare 

1. Picnic: https://goo.gl/LCx3tA
2. Snapseed https://goo.gl/RtAO6
3. Story Z: https://goo.gl/yWuqui4. Spark Post: https://goo.gl/aPDtUP

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