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blogger post to facebook automatically 

blogger post to facebook automatically. Hello friends, if you are upset by sharing every single blog post on your Facebook page, then today we are going to tell you a great idea that you will not have to do anything, and as soon as If you publish a new article or post on your blogger then that post will be automatically published on your Facebook page, so how can you do it today we will give you all the process in this article Show so please read the course until the end of this article and friends are going to tell you today about the website. With the help of that website, you will be able to share your new YouTube video on Blogger itself, which means that you will not need to share YouTube’s videos again and again, as soon as you put a new video on YouTube, Your blog will be published on And not only that, you will be able to take advantage of many such services from the website that we will tell you about today. About whom we will tell you in the forthcoming post

What is IFTTT ?

IFTTT is both a website and a mobile app. This is a free service launched for you in 2010: Currently, with IFTTT, you can add all your “services” together so that the work is completed automatically. There are several ways to add all your services – and these resulting combinations are called “applets” in the website.

Apple essentially automates its daily work, which manages smart home appliances or apps and websites. For example, if you have a blogger website and you put a post every day on it and you want that as soon as we publish it on Blogger, as well as on your Facebook page, you will get the IFTTT Can be used. In another example, when you comment on your WordPress blog, you can use IFTTT to automatically email readers.

How to automatically share blog posts on Facebook? using IFTTT

So let us consider one of the services of IFTTT that you can fully understand a service like how you can automatically share your blog post on Facebook page. Here we explain to you step by step complete process how to do it

Step 1First you have to click on the given link Click Hare

Step 2As soon as you reach this website, you will need to create your account on this website. Then you can use Google for it or you can sign up with your Facebook account too. This process is very simple

Step 3Once your account is created, you have to log in to this website with your email and password. 

Step 4Once you log into this website, the dashboard of this website will open in front of you. You will find many services in the dashboard. Also many Applets will get to see you but as we have already told you that you will get a lot of services on this website, but we are going to tell you only about one service here which is automatic share Blog posts on Facebook and all the services we will tell you in the upcoming articles

Step 5Now you have to click the search button above in the website. And you have to type the key word given in it. Blogger. As soon as you click on the Search button, you have to select the Services option.

Step 6Now you will see the option of Blogger which you have to click and then click the connect button

Step 7Now you can log in with any email ID or email ID in which you have your blog, please log in and allow the IFTTT service.

Step 8.Now you will be asked to select your blog, you have to select the same blog in which you put the post.

Step 9Now as soon as you connect your blog, many blogs will open Applets in front of you, you have to select the Applet from Blogger to Facebook or you can also search this applet by clicking the Search button. can do

Step 10. You just have to select the Applet, and once you select it, you have to click on the Turn on button and add to your Facebook page in which you want to share your new post.

And just as long as your Applet is turned on, you will share the new articles on your blog as soon as they are on your Facebook page.

So hopefully you may have liked this information. If you do not forget to share this article and we will tell you further about similar services then stay with us, definitely subscribe to this blog Thank you.

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