Buy Domain Name through CSC

An India Domain name helps enable Indian digital identity in business enterprises. Your domain name is your online identity and brand.

Now the domains that are promoted on through csc are: .in | | | | | | | .भारत

CSC, being a unique business enterprise, can now create a digital identity for itself. . CSC can also support other enterprises, businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations to promote digital identity through the sale of domain names.


So as friends all of you know that many services are now being provided through csc, due to this, now through CSC, now you can also buy domain name and create a website to further increase your business. Through you can buy all types of Indian Domain Extensions such as .भारत and which are very popular Domain Extensions.

Services offered through

The services provided by Diginame are as follows:

1. DOMAIN Registration
2. Website Design and Builder Tool
3. DNS Management

How to buy domain name from

If you want to buy a domain name from, first of all you go to the home page of diginame by clicking on the link below. ↣ Click here

  • Now type your domain name by clicking on the “Search domain name” box and click on the “Domain Search” button.

  • And now if your domain name will be available in front of you then  you can buy it easily by clicking on the “Add To Cart” button.

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