Check Live Train Status on Whatsapp IRCTC 2019

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IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.) has launched a WhatsApp number for the people, with the help of which any passenger can get live status of any train. Any Indian railway passenger can get live status of any train by sending the train number to this whitspeed number of railway.
Let everyone know that after passing the train number to this Whatsapp number 7349389104 to know the live status of the train, the passenger can know the live status updates of his train within a few seconds. #Check Live Train Status

Although sometimes the server is busy, due to the live status updates of the train may take some time but this does not happen every time, it only happens when a lot of users try to know the status of the train together. If you ever happen to be with you, then the other way is that you can get any train status, Indian Railway helpline number or any other help at railway helpline number 139. L’by can get a solution to your problem. #Check Live Train Status

Check Live Train Status on Whatsapp 

If you want to know the live status of Indian Railways by doing WhatsApp on the Whatsapp number of Indian Railways, then this is a very simple way, for which we have given you some steps below which you will follow. Can know the live status of Indian Railways

1. First of all, save the IRCTC WhatsApp Number 7349389104 in your smartphone’s contact list.

2. As soon as you get whatsapp numbers, you have to open the Whatsapp application and you have to start chatting on the name that you have saved that number.

3. Now to know the live status of your train, type in the train number of the train you want to know in the Whatsapp chat box and the train number of the tickets you want to live. You can take help of your rail ticket or internet to find the train number.

4. As soon as you send the train number to that whitspeed number, within a short time you will get the live status message of that train on that same WhatsApp number. #Check Live Train Status

Some other services launched by Indian Railways with WhatsApp Number

When this WhatsApp number was launched by Indian Railways, Indian Railways had included the following 4 services with it. Tell us, on all these services, Indian Railways is working with loud noise, whose benefits will be available till the end of 2019. All services will be completed #Check Live Train Status

1. Bio toilets: Bio-toilets will be installed in all trains of Indian Railways till 2019.

2. IRCTC_iPay: It has its own payment gateway to pay Indian Railways, which will be launched shortly. Withdrawing a train ticket from IRCTC_iPay will help in reducing the ticket withdrawal time

3. Repaint: Indian Railways Now the train wagon / coach is dyed under the brown color scheme which was previously painted inside the blue color scheme.

4. E-catering facility: Now, any passenger can order to go online during the rail journey, at the price fixed by the Railways. #Check Live Train Status

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