Check Your Eligibility for All govt schemes 2019

Check your eligibility for all government schemes

Hello friends, if you want to know what is the government’s plan for which you are eligible and you do not know yet, today we are going to tell you what is the government’s plans. For whom you are eligible. now you do not need to read the eligibility criteria of the schemes being run by the government, or do not need to know them, we will give you Will tell you about a government portal through which you can find out which of the government schemes you are eligible for

How to check your eligibility in government schemes (merisarkarmeredwar)

1. To check your eligibility in Government Schemes, first of all, you will have to go to portal. We would like to tell you that this is a government portal, but here many details are provided to you. You can also support to come to this portal, but you will also get an affiliate link from this portal.

2. As soon as you come to this portal, check Your Eligibility form will appear on the home page of the website where you will be asked to fill some information.

3. First you have to select your gender, select the option button to select MALE or FEMALE, then choose the year of your birth. Then if the beneficiary falls into the Divi category then choose YES or else choose NO, after that In the last option, select the beneficiary’s business and click the submit button.

4. As soon as you click on submit button, you will be asked another new question, what is the annual income of the beneficiary’s family? You can select in the box below or fill in the income by typing by yourself. After filling the income, click the submit button.

5. As soon as you submit, two options will come in front of you. First select the beneficiary’s educational qualification: and after that select the habitat of the beneficiary. Domicile means that you choose your state and click the submit button. Give it

6. After submitting, select the beneficiary’s caste in the next option: after selecting the caste, click the submit button.

7. After submitting, you will be asked two new questions and the religion of the first beneficiary is selected: ie which beneficiary is related to religion. After this, the beneficiary of this choice is dependent on someone or you can answer it in yes or no, after selecting these options, click on submit button.

8. As soon as you click on the submit button, all the plans will come in front of you, for which you are eligible and will also be told how many plans are for which you are eligible

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