Complete information of Self Help Groups in india

Self-help groups (SHGs) are small groups of poor people. Members of SHG face similar problems. They help each other, to solve their problems. SHGs promote small savings among their members. Savings are kept with the bank. It is a common fund in the name of SHG. SHG gives small loans to its members from its common fund.
SHG is an informal group and registration circular RPCD .No under the Societies Act, State Cooperative Act or a partnership firm. Scheme BC.13 / PL-09.22 / 90- 91 dated July 24, 1991

Size of self help group

The ideal size of a SHG is 10 to 20 members. (Benefit: In a large group, members cannot participate actively. In addition, it is legally required that an informal group is not more than 20 people.)

Self Help Groups Membership

  • From a family, only one person can become a member of SHG. (In this way, more families can join SHG.)
  • The group typically consists of only men or only women. Mixed groups are generally not preferred. Groups of women are generally found to perform better. (They are better at saving and they usually ensure proper use of debt.)
  • Members should have equal social and financial background. (Advantage: This makes it easier for the members to interact openly with each other. If the members are from both rich and poor class, then the poor may not get an opportunity to express themselves.)

How to become a member of Self Help Groups

Self help group is called स्वयं सहायता समूह in Hindi. You must have heard its name before. There are many self-help groups in your village which have already started in your village. You can contact such people who are already connected to the self-help groups themselves. You can get your new registration done in the support group and become a member of their group.
Self-help groups are formed by a special person in your village, such as a teacher, village head or Anganwadi center operator, you can contact them and join a self-help group.

How to become a member of SELF HELP GROUP online

  • To become an online member of SELF HELP GROUP, you can register online by visiting the portal and register online under the Prime Minister Employement Generation Program.
  • To register online, first of all you have to click on the link given below. Click Here
  • After clicking, a new registration page will open in front of you, in which you can do online registration by filling the correct information. If you face difficulty in registration, then you must tell by commenting. For this, we will provide you the article of the entire process of registration.

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