csc registration online apply 2019

Registration in the CSC ecosystem as a VLE is a simple and easy process. Registration is free. Just fill in your details and join the CSC network.

By becoming Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE), the user will be able to work on the digital service portal and will be distributed to various government and non-governmental services.

After successful registration and kyc, you will be entitled to receive digital and digital service credentials. All applications pass through the quality monitoring mechanism. That’s why you will be given csc id only after your application is approved

csc registration New process

    Follow the simple steps to complete your registration and to become the VLE.

    • After reaching the website, enter a valid mobile number on the registration page. And then fill the capscha. And click the submit button. Also, tell you that the mobile and email provided to you for any communication purpose will be used till the creation of a CSC ID. In addition, a mobile number can not be used to register for many CSC IDs.
    • After submitting, otp will be sent to your mobile number which you have to fill in the box in front of you to verify. After this your email will verify similarly. So you also have to verify the email and click on submit button
    • After submitting, the registration page will be opened in front of you in which you will be asked for information from your personal information such as name ,aadhar, birthdate, etc. which you have to fill in the correct information and submit the application.

    • After submitting the information, you will be taken to ekyc page where you will have to verify your Aadhaar card, for this, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number linked to your aadhar, which you will have to fill on the website and submit it. Have to complete your ekyc process
    • After completing the ekyc process, the next page will open next to you in which you will be asked for information from your center and you will be asked to upload your cancell check. So if you upload the document and submit the application to the final

    • After submitting the application finaly. You will be provided a registration number that you can keep in hand so that afterwards you can find out the status of your application

    What is the minimum requirement for becoming a VLE ?

    1. Must be a valid VID (Aadhar Virtual ID) and PAN number.

    2. VLE should be a youth of more than 18 years of age.

    3. The VLE should pass the 10th standard examination from a recognized board as a minimum academic qualification.

    4. VLE should be fluent in reading and writing local dialect and should have knowledge of basic level of English language.

    5. Prior knowledge in basic computer skills will be a favorite advantage.

    6. VLE should be adequately motivated to become the chief driver of social change and should spread its duties with utmost dedication and sincerity.

    Which documents do you need to upload while registering to become VLE? 

    1. Applicant photo
    2. Copy of the highest educational certificate
    3. Proof of identity
    4. Proof of address
    5. Cancelled check
    6. Pan Card Copy
    7. CSC Center Photos (inside and out)

    System requirement for csc registration

    1. At least 120 GB hard disk drive.
    2. At least 512 MB of RAM.
    3. CD / DVD drive
    4. Above the UPS PC-licensed Windows XP operating system.
    5. With 4 hour battery backup / portable genset
    5. Printers / Color Printers.
    6. Web Cam / Digital Camera
    7. Scanner.
    8. Internet connection with at least 128 Kbps speed to browse the internet and upload data.

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