Under an agreement with the Department of Telecommunications, CSC SPV will conduct GPON’s first line maintenance in village panchayats and ensure final mile connectivity through Wi-Fi and fiber. Under the partnership of VLE, the guardian of GPON devices will also be created in Panchayats. In addition, Indianet fiber will be operated and maintained through CSC.


BharatNet is a project of national importance, highly scalable network infrastructure accessible on a non-discriminatory basis, providing affordable broadband connectivity of 2 Mbps to 20 Mbps for all houses and demand capacity for all institutions. To realize the vision of Digital India in partnership with the States and the Private Sector.

The entire project is being funded by the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF), which was set up to improve telecommunication services in rural and remote areas of the country. Its aim is to facilitate distribution of e-governance, e-health, e-education, e-banking, internet and other services in rural India.

BharatNet Project Missions

  1. Providing high speed digital connectivity to rural India at affordable cost.
  2. Providing B2B services in a non-discriminatory manner.
  3. To facilitate the spread of broadband services in rural areas so that development can be achieved through the vision of Digital India program.
  4. Fostering the socio-economic development that was developed by the Government of India in a digitally empowered society and knowledge

One More MOU

Memorandum of understanding with Minimum Agriculture / ICAR for the admission process for KRISHI VIKAS KENDRA SERVICES

On the occasion of the Women’s VLE Workshop, the CSC exchanges memorandums of understanding with the Ministry of Agriculture / ICAR to enable access to agricultural development center services through CSC. A farmer can seek scientific advice in KVK through CSC in digital format.

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