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1. Enter the enrollment number and date time (EID) and if you have your aadhar Number, then you can also enter it

2. Then in the next box you will have to fill out your name and pin code correctly.

3. After this you will be seeing a code in the next box, you will need to fill that code in the box that appears in front of it.

4. After that you will have to click the button of request OTP in the next step, after which you will be sent a message in which you will be given a one time password that you need to fill in the next box.

5 After that, you will add OTP like clicking on the download basis and your aadhar card will start downloading.

How to open the PDF of the Downloaded Card

Friends, how will you open the PDF of your downloaded base card? We will tell you here.

By the way, as soon as you go to the E-card card website, you will get a popup like this, which will tell you how to open your PDF, that is, what will be the password for your PDF

To open PDF, first you have to enter a password. Password will be four letters of your name and your date of birth. Your name will be the first four letters of your name and your date of birth, i.e. your password will be 8 characters.

PDF password example (Ansh1997)

Use of Aadhar card

1. This is proof of identity and address.
2. Everyone has to be nominated for the Aadhaar card only once in a lifetime.
3. The nomination fee for Aadhar card is Rs.
4. Your 12 digit identification number is unique and will be helpful in various government schemes.
5. Will act as proof of identity.
6.Adhar card can be easily verified.
7. It will eliminate and detect various fake identities in government files.

Conclusion– Friends, you will easily be able to download your Aadhar card and friends can ask your questions and suggestions in our comments box.

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