Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Hello friends, how are you all hopeful good.  friends, today we are going to tell you about some of the websites on which you can earn a great amount of money after listening to songs, let us start our list of these websites.

1. SlicethePie

This site has many music artists who want to respond to their creations. By giving such feedback, you can earn a lot of money online.

After signing up on the site, you will be asked to listen to music and review. You must listen to music tracks for at least 60 seconds before completing your review.

If you make a good faith effort on your review, then you will not have any problem in making money with this site. Just keep in mind that Slicethepie wants quality review. The pay per review is 2-20 cents, the minimum payment is $ 10.

2. HitPredictor

You can provide valuable feedback on the track. Once your feedback is submitted and approved, you will earn points. Bonus points are distributed to those reviewers who provide a certain amount of review within the stipulated time period.

The current rate for accepted reviews is 3 reviews = $ 1.

Once you have collected enough points, you can use them for prizes, Amazon gift cards etc.

3. RadioLoyalty

Radio Loyalty is an Internet-based radio that pays you to listen to your music. You can listen to different stations and / or music genres through your computer or apps that you download on your iPhone or Android device.
You are paid in the points for every 10 minute segment of time. Collect enough points, and you can use them for awards or gifts.

Why would radio loyalty give you money to listen to music?

Like many radio stations, radio loyalty is funded by advertising. When you listen to music played on radio loyalty, you also listen to advertisements every few minutes. To ensure that you are actually an active listener, Radio Loyalty confirms that you have heard songs through your captcha

4. Musicxray

This site gives you money to listen to the music presented by new and upcoming artists.
As a musician “music fan”, you’ll fill up the survey and rate new tracks and artists. Occasionally, you will be asked to participate in groups

Currently set to 10 cents per song. Once you reach the limit of $ 20, you can take payment through PayPal

5. Earnably

This website not only pays for listening to the radio but also completing surveys, watching videos and completing an online offer. While earning is part of radio loyalty, it provides additional points for those members who complete the previously mentioned tasks.

It is naturally particularly beneficial that the site gives you bonuses and enhances your payout options as advance on the site. To get payment from this website, your account must have more than $ 2

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