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Hello friends, if you also want to avail the e-district services of your state, then you can easily use these eDistrict services for free through this portal as you know the portal of e-district services in many states. You have to spend thousands of rupees to get it and still you are not able to avail the benefits of eDistrict services easily because the District Manager there gives you lots of eDistrict We force you to buy the product, if you do not buy it, then by resetting your eSeva password, you are disturbed, but friends, you will be able to avail many services through this portal of the Government of India without any hassle. There is a lack of many services in this portal, but gradually many services are being added to this portal.

Portal – serviceonline.gov.in

All government services to realize the basic needs of the common man in affordable services, through common service delivery outlets, and at affordable cost to ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services accessible to the common man in their locality have to make.

ServicePlus is an integrated platform based on a multi-tenant architecture to provide electronic services for citizens, an application that is quick to learn and easy to use with minimal effort or a very low skill set.

ServicePlus provides all types of components and modules to define, configure and commission an e-service. This includes Service De fi nition, Service Coverage, Target Bene fi ciary, Creation of application forms and output certificates, Applicable Service Charges, Work Mapping of Work Flow Player and others. The SP covers all these modules as part of the service life cycle in the process of providing e-service, as required, implemented, verified, provisioned and commissioned.

ServicePlus provides seamless integration with popular customer-centric services like Aadhaar, DigiLocker and PayGov. ServicePlus is a one-stop solution that facilitates Indian citizens to avail various PAN India e-Gov services, and supports Aadhaar-based authentication mechanism for service access.

ServicePlus Services

The services provided by the government through Seva Plus can be classified as follows:

  • Regulatory Services:Services like business license, permission for construction of a building etc. that can be denied to citizens.
  • Statutory Services: Services like issuing birth / death certificates that cannot be denied to citizens.
  • Developmental Services:Services or schemes provided by the government for the benefit of citizens like NREGS, IAY, old age pension etc.
  • Consumer Utilities Service:Services such as bill payment and others come under utility services.

Register Yourself

To register as a citizen on ServicePlus, you must enter values ​​in the mandatory fields of the civil registration form and submit it. Your citizen user account will be generated after successfully submitting the fully filled civil registration form. You can log in to your civilian user account using your username (login ID) and password. Once you log into your civilian account, you will be able to use the options given. You will get options to apply for services (see services), application status (track application status, view incomplete application, verify application), manage attachments (document repository), manage profile (view profile, Edit profile, change password), lodge complaint (lodge complaint, view complaint status) etc.

How To Register At ServicePlus 

To create a civil user account on ServicePlus, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • To register on the Service Plus portal, first click on the link given below and go to serviceonline.gov.in Click here

  • Click on the hyperlink Register Yourself in the Citizen section on the left side of the ServicePlus homepage. Citizen registration form will open.

  • The form has two sections Personal Details and Login Details.
  • Personal details section is for entering your full name, gender, country, email ID and address details along with mobile number. The email ID you entered will be your login ID (username).
  • The section login details is for entering information about your password, password hint question and password hint answer.
  • A citizen user account will be created after successful submission of the citizen registration form. The information entered in the civil registration form will be saved in the ServicePlus database. After creating your account, you will be able to log in as a citizen on the serviceplus through your chosen login ID and password.

Apply for Services

Citizens can view and apply for the services available after logging into serviceplus with valid citizen user credentials. The citizen will get the option “Apply for Services-> View Services” through which the primary list of services can be accessed and an application for a service can be submitted.

View Services

This section guides you through viewing the list of available services and submitting applications for the service. When you click on the option “View Services”, a screen will open showing the list of services available to you. The tabular list of services includes column headings such as service name, service category, type of service, service level, and function. You can see the service details by clicking on the link given as “Service Name”. You can submit an application for a service by clicking on the link “Apply” given under the column heading action. A text box named “Search” is given to search the service based on the related keywords. You can “search” a service by entering keywords related to that service. As soon as you enter the keyword in the text box, only the list of services related to that keyword will appear on the screen.

Source : serviceonline.gov.in

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