Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Let’s start with the basics; You use a web browser to surf the Internet. Some examples of popular web browsers include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. The main function of the browser is to search, display and transmit information from the World Wide Web; Each browser does this in its own way.

Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is a web browser that can be accessed from the information store on the Internet. Chrome is available for free to all Internet users. And it can be easily used on devices such as computers, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

The Chrome browser is the most used web browser in the world. It also serves as a platform for Chrome OS, another Google product on which web applications run.

Google Chrome Browser was first launched for Microsoft Windows in September 2008. After the success of the Windows operating system, it was also developed for Mac, Linux and Android and iPhone devices. Today, the Chrome browser is being used as the main browser on devices around the world.

Features of  Google Chrome Browser 

The success of the Google Chrome browser is due to its simplicity. But there are other powerful features that make it such an effective browser.

1. Simple interface 

The user interface of the Google Chrome browser is considered simple. Because as soon as you open the Chrome browser, you will not see anything except the search box. Therefore, the user completes his work without deviating from the goal. The simplicity of the Chrome browser makes it user friendly.

2. Faster Browser

The Chrome browser discovers your favorite risults faster than other browsers. That is, you can find information fast for yourself. Therefore, browsing speed of Chrome is considered faster.

3. Google Chrome Search suggestions

Chrome Browser’s Address Bar works like a search engine. So whenever a search query is typed by the user, suggestions related to that keyword are provided by the Chrome browser below the search bar.

Through search suggestions, it is easy for the user to find the information of his choice. And he gets some answers without searching. If you are typing a wrong word, then Spelling Suggestion is also available in google chrome.

4.  Extreme Secure Browser

Google is very concerned about the security of its users. Since Chrome is a Google product. This is why Chrome Browser meets all security criteria. Google Chrome declares insecure for all websites that do not use the https protocol. It also warns users that this site is not safe.

5. Chrome Extensions

According to zdnet, about 188,620 extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store. With the help of which you can make the Chrome browser more powerful. Because extensions provide additional features and benefits for the browser.

Download Google Chrome 

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