Google pay Tez app how to use or install and how to make money with this application 🤔

How to download and install the Google pay Tez app and how to make money with this application

Hello friends, if you are troubled by searching the internet, which is the app that can give you a chance to earn some money along with work, then today friends are going to tell you about the same app. So friends are going to talk to us today. Google play app Tez About the app you must have heard of it. Friends, this is Google’s official app and it works like a payment bank. This is a good example of digital payments like That’s the Bhim App of the government, in the same way it is Google’s payment app. With the help of this app you can easily make the transaction payments very easily, so let us here tell you that you are finally How to install and use it and show as well as we do with the help of this app. How to earn some money

Google play app Tez Download And Install Step By Step

First of all, you have to download the google pay app Tez app from the link below. Download the google pay app Tez app from the link below. Otherwise you will not get Extra Reward. If you want Extra Reward. You can download it from the given link. Otherwise you can download it from the Play Store

2. After downloading the google pay app Tez app, install in your phone and then open the google pay app Tez app.

3. Friends, as soon as you open the google pay app Tez app, it will ask you for your mobile number. You have to enter the same mobile number which will be registered in your bank so that you do most transactions. Or you can also add another phone number

4. After this you will be sent an OTP that will be required to verify your mobile number, if you ask for some permissions from the google pay app Tez App, then you have to give it so that sms can come to your phone

5. As soon as the OTP verification is done then the option will be set to set the PIN in front of you. Whether you can create a custom pin to open your app or if your mobile already has a pattern lock or PIN lock  So you can use it

6. Once your PIN is set up, your installation gets completed. Now you have to link to your bank account app so that you can add bank

7. As soon as you click on the ADD Bank, you will ask for your bank name. For this you choose your bank. You will have to choose the same bank in which your mobile number is registered. You can get all the banks here, so you can take any of your banks

8. Now you will be asked the same register number which is registered in your bank. You can enter that mobile number. After this, you will receive OTP from your bank and after that your bank will successfully link your google pay app tez app.

How to earn money from the Google pay app Tez app

If you want to earn money from the google pay app tez app then this is not easy. Yes, friends like you all know google pay app tez app is a UPI payment. With this, you can easily make transactions, send money to your friends and can receive money in your account. But as you are there, you also get some benefit to attract you. This is also something like the app like you, if you do transactions from this app then you are given some reward. Which is more than the second app. And you can earn a lot of money from the Google pay app tez app referral program like if you share this app with your referral link to your friends, you will also get a few awards, along with some of your friend The award will be found. You can also earn money from the google pay app tez app scheme

So friends, I hope all of you would have liked this information if you have questions or suggestions from the information in your mind, then you can also tell us by commenting.

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