Health Helpline 104 | In MadhyPradesh For Health related information

Toll Free Number “104 – Health Helpline” service has been started to provide proper medical consultation to the public through the National Health Mission and Jigheta Health Care Limited, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Citizens can call this number from 8 am to 8 pm and file a complaint regarding doctor’s advice, counseling and problems related to Ayushman Bharat scheme. “104-Health Helpline” is proving to be the most effective and effective for the citizens in taking care of medical and health services and schemes, learning about various diseases, taking medicines and releasing tobacco addiction.

Doctors will get advice and treatment

By dialing the free number 104, patients can also consult with doctors, and if needed, doctors also treat them as treatment. Apart from this, if the disease becomes normal, the patient is told about the medicine and the doctor sends the medicine name and dosage on the mobile number of the patient. On the basis of this SMS, he can take medicines by visiting any government hospital or private medical stores in the state. Apart from this, through the service, the emergency 108 ambulance service, Janani Express service, Deendayal mobile service is being operated. In “104 Health Helpline”, services are being provided by Doctor, Counselor and Health Advisory Officer (Paramedical). This will enable unified advice on all issues related to health. Also, the information about various welfare schemes related to health will be available to the common man.

The purpose of “104 – Health Helpline

● Expand the service power and capacity.
● Provide high quality health services.
● Provide better services to as many people as possible
● Integration with other services and related departments
● Integration with similar advance features and services
● Promotion of technologies for improving services
● Ensuring services over time.

Toll Free Number “104 – Health Helpline” provides the service: –

● Suitable medical service on time.
● Appropriate information and information related to health
● Provide advice to the public through “toll free number 104”.

By calling 104 free numbers, any citizen of the state can get the services mentioned above: –

● Expert doctor counseling
● Provide free medical help (paramedic) and psychiatric counselors to diagnose health-related problems.

The following services are provided free of charge on “104 – Health Helpline”: –

● By expert doctor: Cough, cough, fever, skin disease and diet etc.
● Medical Assistant (Paramodic): Details about the health related schemes and programs of the hospital, blood bank, governance.
● By the psychiatric counselor: Stress, anxiety, youth-related problems, psychotherapy in infected diseases and appropriate counseling for students to be stress free in exam time.
● A suitable medium / system for complaints and suggestions related to health services and facilities.

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