How To Change Your Computer’s Language or Region ( Full Guide ) on Windows 10

Today we teach you how to change the language of your computer. This will affect the text used in the menu and others. You can do it on a Windows computer. Changing your computer’s default language will not change the language of your internet browser or other programs.

So let’s say you step step by step how can you change the language of your windows

How to Change the Language on Your Computer

Step 1. Open Start : startwindow  Click the Windows logo in the lower left corner of the screen. You can also press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the start.

Step 2. Open  Settings Hello Thare

Step 3Open Time & language ऑप्शन 

Step 4. open  Region & language 

Step 5. Click  Add a language

Step 6Select a language : Click on the language you want to use on your computer.

Step 7Select a language.

Step 8Install language

Step 9. Click on your added language

Step 10.  then Click on Set as default 

Step 11.Restrat Your Computer

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