How to check lpg gas subsidy status Online Indane Gas, Bharat Gas ,HP Gas, Complaint

Do you all know how to check the LPG Gas Subsidy. If you do not know, we will tell you to check the details of the LPG Gas Subsidy here. If your subsidy is not reaching you then you will get the information of where you have to complain.indane gas subsidy check status online, Bharat Gas ,HP Gas

How To Check Gas subsidy online step by step 

  • You can check your gas subsidy in two ways
  1. The first methods you can check online by using the internet.
  2. And in other ways you can contact the LPG gas distributor customer care number from your mobile and get a subsidy

Gas Subsidy Check online 

Step 1. First all of you go to website

Step 2. Click on LPG Subsidy Online you can fine this botten in website right corner

Step 3. After this, you will have the option to choose your gas agency, select the gas company you are using gas and then you will go to the automated website of that company.

Step 4. After the website opens, you will see the option of Give Feedback. You have to click on it. And then you will reach another new website, you have to fill the feed back form.
Check the gas agency’s subsidy by clicking on the link below.

Gas Subsidy Check in mobile Contact customer

You can also know your gas subsidy by contacting the customer care number through all the phones. If you are unable to find any gas subsidy in any way, you can register your Complaint by contacting the Customer Care Number mentioned below (1800-2333-555). After lodging the Complaint your problem will be solved and your The subsidy will start reaching your bank account

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