How to install software in android mobile Using Sp Flass Tool

Friends, sometimes our phone software flies or gets spoiled. In such a way when we turn on the phone, the phone is not turned on and if ON, then the name of the company appears on the screen.
If friends have done this to you then you can also update the software in your phone or install the software or flash your phone and install a new software in your phone. We will tell you how you can flash your phone  step by step and that I can install software and friends, this way, almost every Android phone Will work

Friends, you must have three things in order to do this process First of all, a computer laptop and another USB cable and the third, your spoiled phone and friends use this method on the phone that the phone is bad or whose software is finished Do not use this method on your new phone otherwise it will get worse

1 .FRIEND First of all, you have to download custom ROMs for your spoiled phone, Custom ROMs or which we call stock ROMs, to download custom ROMs, you can downloa by typing the model number and company name of your phone on Google. Then you will find many websites on Google that provide a stock rom for your phone from which you can download your custom rom

2. In the second step, you will have to download a software called SP Flash Tool, mostly software you get in the download file of your rom, but sometimes this software is not there then you can download and install it by searching on Google.

3. After that you will have to download your phone’s USB drivers. You can search on Google for that you will need to write to Google USB driver with the name of your phone

  1. Open the SP Flash Tool
  2. Click on Scatter Load Now
  3. Now open stock rom and click on firmware
  4. Select Android_Scatter

As soon as you select the Android_Scatter and click on the Open button,

then you have to click on the SP FLASS TOOL download option and give this process 100%, as soon as it turns 100%, it will show you 0% After removing the mobile battery and connecting the mobile to the computer with the data cable, keep in mind the battery is placed on the side of the remediation, as soon as it connects, the process will restart and it will come back. Then the phone will begin to put software in will take some time for it should not complete the process of 8 until 10 minutes is not compromised mobile. As soon as this 100% process is completed your phone will display a green single which means that your phone has got a softwares and your mobile is flash

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