Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

So friends will tell you how to record the screen when you are playing a video game on your Windows PC. If you use Windows 10, you can easily record the screen, here we will let you know step by step.

Method .1 

Record the screen using the Windows 10 game bar

1. First of all, open the game that you want to record.
2. Press  Win+G. This opens the game bar at the bottom of the screen.You may have to select Yes, this is a game before you can continue.
3. Click on the record button. This is a red circle in the game bar. As soon as you click on that red circle, the timer recording timer will now appear.

4. When you want to stop recording, click the stop button. It’s like a white colored square in the game bar. Your finished recording will be saved in a folder called Capture, which is in your video folder.

Method .2 

In the second trick, you will have to use a screen recorder software to record the game so that you can record the screen of your computer in addition to games. On the Internet you will find many such software which you can use
But here we are providing you a link to a software that you can download
You can use this bandicam software which is a very popular screen recorder

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