Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
hey what is going on guys so really fast I’m going to show you two ways that you can do a screenshot on your new iPhone X now all the previous iPhones previous to the iPhone X you had a physical home button and before how you do a screenshot was you press two buttons simultaneously the home button and the power button now because the iPhone X doesn’t have a physical home button we have to do is press the two keys there’s going to be the volume up rocker and the power button here so just go ahead and press simultaneously one two three let go

the second way to do a screenshot which is the way I don’t recommend but maybe if you have some issues with your volume up button or your power button is not working correctly then this is enough this is basically an alternative so we do is , tap on settings
then we want to go down to general then we want to go to accessibility and then we’re going to scroll down and we’re going to look for assistive touch tap on assistive touch

turn this on and once I turn this on you can have little grey icon that pops up on your screen hoping then from  we got to do is we can tap on single tap . tap on that and then we’re going to look for a screen shot . and tap on that now every time we want to take a screen shot all we have to do is tap on this little floaty icon anywhere okay just like that we’ll do it again let’s say we want to go ahead and open this app up here and we want to take a screenshot of this just like that

 pretty simple you guys have any questions just comment below

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