how to stop coughing, 6 home remedies

Attack on the body of changing season first appears in the form of cough. Dry cough, where there is a cause of throat pain, cough cough can be the cause of respiratory problems. Even taking cough syrup may be effective treatment but not good for health.

Effective 6 home remedies for coughing


Chew the pieces of ginger with honey and chew. Apart from this, drinking ginger juice and drinking a few drops of honey will also be very beneficial.


Licking only honey is an effective formula for coughing. Drink 1 teaspoon honey before sleeping at night. Its anti-bacterial element provides relief quickly from cough. 


Drink a glass of turmeric milk daily throughout the day. Boil turmeric, celery, black pepper, cinnamon and salt in water simultaneously and drink it when it’s lukewarm. Turmeric’s anti-bacterial properties relax very quickly. 


Lemon juice is very beneficial to increase from health to beauty. If you are very worried about the problem of cough, mix a little honey in lemon juice and drink it at least 3-4 times a day. Relaxing very soon. 

Salt water 

Drink salt in the treatment of both types of cough or cough, drink water and simultaneously trigger it. Troublesome throats are overcome due to its warmth.

hot milk 

Use hot milk before breakfast or in the morning after breakfast. There is a quick formula to remove mucus cough. But do not mix sugar in it. Use turmeric and honey to get relief quickly.

Note – If your cough is not stopped by adopting these remedies, then consult the doctor.

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