india post E-Commerce portal Launch Now you will be able to shopping with Indian Post website

Indian Post’s New Beginnings Now Indian Post has its own India post ecommerce portal Now you will be able to do Amazon and Flipkart on the Indian Post portal.

The new beginning of Indian post, Indian Post has launched its india post ecommerce website. India Post’s e-commerce website has been launched on December 14, 2018 by Minister of State for Communications, Government of India, Manoj Sinha. Now you will be able to shop from India’s own website as soon as websites like Amazon and Flipkart, india post ecommerce

From this new beginning of the Indian post, a big e-commerce website will also get a blow because a huge network of Indian postings is spread all over India. From this new beginning of Indian post, the goods will be delivered to the home of the Indians. So now everyone will not need to go to the market to buy every little thing

From this new beginning of Indian post, you will be able to deliver direct to everyone’s home.  (india post ecommerce) 

Like the foreign e-commerce website being run in India, the e-commerce website of Indian Posts will directly deliver the goods to the people’s home, and this will also benefit our Indian village brothers and this will be an important contribution to Digital India. Will give

As far as Amazon and Flipkart’s goods does not arrive, goods will be delivered there too (india post ecommerce) 

Tell all of you that as far as Amazon and Flipkart can not get their luggage, the Indian will also be able to carry goods as India has a very large network of Indian posts and as you know, the reach of Indian mail Every village in India has a rural area.

For this reason, the goods purchased by the Indian Post’s e-commerce website (india post ecommerce) will be very easy to reach any citizen of India and any rural area of India. And that’s why it’s the most
It is a matter of great importance that post offices in India are in every rural area and it is more than 1.55 lakhs.

How to register at the e-commerce website of the Indian post?

Hello friends, if you want to register at the Indian Post’s e-commerce website (india post ecommerce) then how can you do it if you are a cellar then you can register and if you want to become a subscriber you also If you can register very easily on the Indian Post’s e-commerce website, then let us tell you how you can do it. Friends, it is very easy to register at the Indian e-mail’s e-commerce website. We tell you step-by-step process here, how do you do it

1.First of all you have to click on the given link to go to the Indian postal e-commerce website.
Click Hare To Go

2. As soon as you come to the e-mail e-commerce website of India, you will see the option of My Account on MENU, which you have to click on

3. As soon as you click on My Account, you will have two options, the first Existing User and the other New User. If you have already created an account then you can log in, but if you want to create a new account then You New User? Register Now !! Click on

4. As soon as you click on Register Now, the registration form will appear in front of you in which you will be asked for your personal information which is to be filled correctly.

5. Your login password will be sent to your email id as soon as you fill the mobile number email id, Postal Code City etc. and click on the button.

6. Now you can easily login with your password and login id on your email ID in your Indian Post E COM account.

What will you buy from the ecommerce website of this Indian post (india post ecommerce)

However, all of you from this website (india post ecommerce) will be able to buy all the products that are available in the market, but at the moment, this website has been launched so that this product does not have as many products as this With the help of soon, India will become one of its own big e-commerce websites. Right now you can buy certain retail product from which website

1. India Post Products
2. Clothings
3. Fashion and Jewellery
4. Tribal Craft
5. Bags
6. Gifts & Novelities
7. Baskets & Boxes
8. Organic & Natural
9. Handloom Products
10. Miscellaneous

Services provided by Indian Posts

So here we are telling you that the Indian posts are being provided by some of our services to Indian nationals who can benefit you

1. Post Office Savings Scheme
2. Electronic Money Order
3. Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana
4. Business Post Parcel
5. IMO
6. Rural Postal Life Insurance
7. Express Parcel
8. Speed Post
9. Postal Life Insurance
10. Logistics Post
11. Retail Post
12. Business Parcel

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