Jeevan Pramaan Certificate for Pensioners

Jeevan Pramaan ?

Life proof is a biometric-capable digital life certificate for pensioners, where they can generate and share it with Pension Disbissing Agencies (PDAs). This facility is available for retired employees of Central Government, State Government and other government institutions.

It is very difficult for senior citizens and other retired employees to visit the bank every year and present a life certificate individually. The Indian government has made provision for digital life certification by using a base-based biometric certification by visiting the Life Proof portal for such pensioners or by downloading Life Certification App on their smartphones.

Enroll yourself in Jeevan Pramaan

Download the PC / mobile app or alternatively visit the nearest Life Center center to register yourself.
Provide the necessary information such as Aadhaar number, pension payment order, bank account, bank name and your mobile number.

Aadhar  authentication

Provide your biometrics, either a fingerprint or iris and certify yourself. (Life Proof uses the base platform for online biometric authentication)

Life certificate.

After a successful certification, an SMS acknowledgment is sent to your mobile number along with your life certificate ID.

These certificates are stored at any time in the life certificate stores and at any time for the pensioner and pension disbursement agency.

Pension disbursement agency

The Pension Disbursement Agency can use a life certificate from the Life Certification website and download it.

Electronic delivery

Life certificates can be given electronically to pension disbissing agency, without any manual intervention

Ho to Get Jeevan Pramaan Certificate

Obtaining a digital life certificate is hassle-free and can be obtained through various life promotion centers, which are being operated by the CSC, Bank, Government Offices or using the application of the customer on any PC / Mobile / Tablet .

And if you want to create Jeevan Pramaan Certificate by yourself, go to Jeevan Pramaan’s offcial website and download the PC / mobile / tablet app to register for a life certificate.

Jeevan Pramaan Eligibility

  • It should be pensioner
  • He should be a retired government employee (center a government, state government or other government institution)
  • Must have a valid Aadhaar number
  • Aadhaar number should be registered with the pension distribution agency

Benefits of Jeevan Pramaan

  • Life proof makes it easy for pensioners to submit digital life certificates
  • Verification is done using base-biometric authentication that eliminates the possibility of fraudulent activity
  • SMS Notification Successful Life Certificate is sent to generation pensioner
  • No DLC can be generated without the approval of the pensioner
  • Once presented, the pensioner receives a monthly pension in his pension account.

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