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Labour room Quality improvement Initiative

After the launch of the National Health Mission (NHM), there has been substantial increase in the number of institutional deliveries. However, this increase in numbers has not improved the major maternal and newborn health indicators.

The aim of the ‘LaQshya‘ program of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is to improve the quality of care in the Labor Room and Maternity Operation Theater (OT).
Government of India has launched “LaQshya” (Labor Room Quality Improvement Initiative) to improve the quality of care in labor room and maternity operations theater in public health facilities. It is a multi-dimensional approach focused on intrapartum and immediate postpartum period.

Goal of LaQshya Initiative

To reduce the maternity and neonatal mortality and morbidity preventable in relation to care during labor in labor-intensive and delivery operation theater and to ensure honorable maternity care.

LaQshya Initiative

Quality improvements in labor room and Maternity OT will be assessed through NQAS (National Quality Assurance Standards). Each facility that receives 70% score on NQAS will be certified as LaQshya certified facility. In addition, the branding of LaQshya certified facilities will be according to the NQAS score. Facilities that score more than 90%, 80% and 70% will be given platinum, gold and silver badges accordingly. 6 lakhs, 3 lakh rupees and incentive amount of 2 lakh rupees will be provided for NQAS certification, defined quality indicators and facilities for achieving 80% satisfied beneficiaries, respectively, for Medical College Hospital, District Hospital and FRU.

Objectives LaQshya Initiative 

Improve care quality during childbirth and ensure immediate post-mortem care, stabilization of complications and timely referral and to enable an effective two-way follow-up system.
Providing honorable maternity care (RMC) to all pregnant women who are involved in enhancing the satisfaction of beneficiaries visiting health facilities and participating in public healthcare facilities.

LaQshya Initiative Area

The following features will be taken on priority under the LaQshya Initiative:

  • All government medical college hospitals.
  • All district hospitals and equivalent health facilities
  • All designated FRUs and high case load CHCs with over 100 deliveries/60 (per month) in hills and desert areas.

institutional arrangement

Under the National Health Mission, the states have been endorsed in the creation of institutional framework for quality assurance – Quality Assurance Committee (SQAC), District Quality Assurance Committee (DQAC), and quality team at the level of quality. These committees will also support the implementation of objective interventions. For specific technical activities and program management, special purpose groups have been suggested, and these groups will work towards achieving milestones of specific goals and program in close coordination with the specific structure.
To date 2427 public health facilities across the country have been identified for the implementation of the LaQshya program. Visit the Article Source website to see the full details.

Source : PIBMinistry of Health and Family Welfare

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