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The Maharashtra government recently decided to implement the new scheme Raja Yashwantrao Holkar Mahamesh, with six main components under the state-level scheme to promote the sheep breeding business. An expenditure of Rs 46 crore 27 lakh was also approved for the scheme.

About one lakh families belong to the wandering tribe-C category, i.e. Dhangar and similar tribes, the state has a breed of sheep as wandering. Therefore, the traditional business of sheep farming is being promoted by the government to provide social, educational and financial stability to this group.

World-wide carnivores are widely consumed. Meat is also in great demand in the southern states of the country. Therefore, there is great potential for export of sheep fish. If the cattle rearing business is carried out cleverly, the products (meat, milk, wool, etc.) derived from it can be obtained from a commercial point of view. As a result, the profitability of the business will increase and the business will become profitable.

mahamesh yojana 2020

In the 2019 budget session it was announced that mahamesh is a new scheme to allocate sheep for 75 percent subsidy to promote sheep farming in the state.

Under the scheme 75% grant will be given for distribution of sheep, group distribution of male sheep for advanced breeds, 75% grant for sheep and 25% grant for beneficiaries. Similarly, a mini silage baler for beaten green chickens will be established with 25 percent grant (up to the limit of four lakhs) and 50 percent grant (up to the limit of five lakhs) for less wrappers. According to the plan, 20 sheep and 1 sheep (Permanent-500 and Migrant-500) will be allocated to a total of 1,000 sheep and in the next 10 years about 53 thousand 400 male sheep will be allocated for better species. Of these, 5340 male sheep were approved for distribution this year.

mahamesh yojana Objective

Through this scheme, the government is working for the welfare of the sheep and goat rearing sector and wants to strengthen the supply chain by providing a thorough knowledge of sheep and goat rearing and marketing linkage. The goal of this scheme is to create strong working conditions and knowledge base for sheep and goat from mahamesh yojana. Which has the potential to establish economically viable sheep and goat farming business. Through mahamesh yojana, the government is working hard to bring marginal sheep and goat farmers into the mainstream of affordable and social development.

The sole objective of this scheme is to make economic and social progress of small and marginal farmers by promoting sheep and goat farming business in the state of Maharashtra.

Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Maharashtra Mendhi Va Sheli Vikas Mahamandal

Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Maharashtra Mendi V Sheela Vikas Mahamandal Limited Pune (Formerly known as Maharashtra Sheep Development Corporation) is a Government of Maharashtra undertaking under the Companies Act 1956 under Registration No. 20560 / CTA on 8th August 1978. Registered for overall development. And to improve the economic and social status of the shepherd community in the goat region and the state of Maharashtra. The main objectives of the corporation are:

1. To reorganize foreign / local / cross-breed sheep sheep and goat breeding farms in the state.

2. Multiplying such units at a convenient place for sheep and goat.

3. Importing, exporting and selling sheep and goat and its products.

4. Taking up crossbreeding program for local sheep and goat upgrading.

5. Establishment or reorganization of sheep and goat extension centers in collaboration with the State Government.

6. To finance, promote, establish, administer and assist institutions run by the government and cooperative societies.

mahamesh yojana Online Registretion Points

  • Applicants should carefully fill in the details of the issues indicated in the application.
  • After filling the information for each digit, press the SAVE button and the filled information will be SAVE.
  • Then, in a single application, which component of the plan should be chosen in the plan?
  • Only after the application is submitted, the message “Application form is successfully submitted” should be considered for submission to the applicant for selection.
  • Then after clicking the “View Receipt” button, the applicant will see the receipt of the application and print it out.

mahamesh yojana Registration process

Citizens of Maharashtra who want to join the Raje Yashwantrao Holkar Mahamesh Yojana, visit the official website of the scheme

Now on the official website of Mahamesh Yojana, you will get the option “User Login”. On which you have to click, you can also reach the registration page of the scheme by clicking on the direct link given below: Direct Link

Now after entering your 12-digit Aadhaar number, you can register by clicking the “Login” button

For more information, check the official PDF manual of mahamesh yojana by clicking on the link given below: PDF Menual

Note: – registretion Page Will be active till 23/01/2020 5:00 pm

mahamesh yojana Beneficiary List 2020

Citizens of Maharashtra who want to check Beneficiary List of Mahamesh Yojana, visit the official website of the scheme

After reaching the website home page, you will find a link in the dashboard below the website, Beneficiary List, on which you have to click.

By clicking on the following link, you can access the Beneficiary List page of the Direct website: Direct Link

Beneficiary List Preliminary : Click Here
Beneficiary List Final : Click Here

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