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If you or your family or anybody else in the neighborhood works in NREGA then you will surely like this article today because today in this article we are going to tell you that if a person works in NREGA then he How can I download his job card at home and with that, how can I see the details of all the work done by his mnrega through his mobile or computer and together He will also know how much work has been done by him and at what place this work has been done and how much money was transferred to him for that work, as well as now mnrega It will also know which account this money has been sent to. All the information of MNREGA will now be available online now. To get all the information right now, You will not wander even a lot and you will not face much problems if you have worked in NREGA and you do not get the money in the right way, then by following them you will be following the method that we are going to tell you. NREGA will be able to check all the information of the job card, as well as remove all the records and if you are not getting the money then you will also be able to complain online. So if you want to get all these information online, then you must read this article till the end.

what is nrega (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) ?

Friends, First of all, let us tell you how you can finally download a Job Card and how you can get more information related to NREGA before we would like to tell you what is NREGA?

In India, the Central Government created a law for the right to work in 200 districts of India, which is called the National Rural Development Guarantee Act 2005 (NREGA, 2005). It is also known as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Development Guarantee Act 2005, an Indian labor law and social security measure that guarantees work. Those people who are able to work and are working, they are guaranteed 100 days of employment in a year by the government under this act and the government gives unemployment allowance to the people, if they fail to provide employment.

nrega job card download and online print 

1. First of all, you have to go to the official website of NREGA by clicking on the link given below. Once you click on the link given below, you can reach the list of states list. If you want to go to the official website of NREGA, you can find Job Card, Job Slip, MSR Register, Pending Works web page, but it will take a lot of time, so by clicking on the link given below you can access the Direct You Generate Reports page. Page Link Click Hare 

2. As soon as you reach the State List page by clicking on the link given below, a list of all the states of India will be revealed in front of you, from which you have to select your state, the state you want to download job card

3. As soon as you click on one of the states, some options will be opened in front of you for the state which you have to select alternately such as financial year, district, block, and panchayat as soon as all these Once you select, you have to click on the button

4. After clicking on the Proceed, the page of the report will appear in front of you, in which you will get a lot of options such as

Job Card/Registration

  • Registration Caste Wise
  • Print/ Issue Job Card
  • Job CardNot In Use
  • List of Worker with Aadhar No.(UID No.)
  • Job card/Employment Register
  • Registration Application Register
  • Pending JobCards to be Verified

5. To print or download an Issue Job Card, click on the Print / Issue Job Card option.

6. Now you will be asked for some simple information such as if you want to download a person’s job card or download many people, according to your calculation, you can download any job card very easily and print it can do

People working in NREGA. How to see HIS bank account money

We would like to tell you if you are thinking that you will be able to see the amount of your account from here, it is not so you will only see how much work you have done in NREGA and how much money you have been given for that work. You will be able to check all the details of which date, how much money has been transferred to your account and how much money is still pending, then you can check this information online only. Let’s tell you what to do.

1. If you want to know the full amount of your amount, how much money you have received from NREGA, you can also get this information by following the steps mentioned above. For this, I will send you the steps mentioned above. Print / Issue Job Exclude Card Option, select Cash Book option so that you can see the full details of your amount through Cash Book

2. If you are not able to see the details of your zodiac as mentioned above, then you can download your job card by clicking on the link given below and you can also see the full details of your amount in it Direct A From the  link Click Hare Go To The Link

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