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Scheme Introduction

Deendayal Antyodaya Mission was established under the Department of Social Justice, Government of Madhya Pradesh, to help the disabled, poor and vulnerable families of the state, keeping in mind the common people and their participation. Under this, in 2006, under the Chief Minister Group Marriage Scheme, a scheme was started to provide financial support for mass marriages of destitute, poor girl / widow / abandoned.

As more than one scheme was in vogue, the beneficiaries faced a situation of confusion to get the benefit of the scheme and due to lack of uniformity in rates, the beneficiaries were also disappointed. All these points were considered in the overall social security program resolution 37. Under the schemes of the labor cadre, the components of the Samaj Vivah Yojana were integrated into the Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojana and it was decided to provide marriage support, simplifying the process. Implementation and acceptance of all marriage related schemes.

mukhyamantri kan‍ya vivah yojana

In India, when a girl is born in a family, the one thing that bothers the family the most is her education and marriage expenses. But now the government has launched a scheme mukhyamantri kanya vivah yojana which is really a big relief by providing financial assistance to the families to raise their daughters.

Deendayal Antyodaya Mission was set up under the Government of Madhya Pradesh, Department of Social Justice and Disabled Welfare to help the disabled, poor and vulnerable families of the state keep in mind the common man’s spirit and their participation. Under this, yojana was started to provide financial support for mass marriages of the destitute, poor girl / widow / abandoned, in the name of mukhyamantri kanya vivah yojana.

    mukhyamantri kanya vivah yojana eligibility

    • Must have completed 18 years of age for the girl and 21 years for the male.
    • The parents of the girl should be a native of Madhya Pradesh.
    • Kanya’s parents should live below the poverty line or for the needy.
    • The girl herself is destitute or poor and is not financially capable of her marriage.
    • A widowed woman who lives below the poverty line or is destitute and is not financially capable of self-remarriage.
    • An abandoned woman who lives below the poverty line and is destitute who is not financially capable of self-remarriage, who is legally divorced.

      kanya vivah yojana required documents

      • BPL Card (for female applicants only)
      • Affidavit
      • School certificate (for age proof)
      • Death certificate of former husband in case of widow
      • Judicial order in case of abandonment

        benefits of mukhyamantri kanya vivah yojana

        Rs 48,000 / – is deposited in the girls account for the establishment of a girls’ home and there is a provision of Rs 3,000 to reimburse the marriage ceremony to the Janpad Panchayat, the civic body that organizes the mass marriage program.

        Registration process Of mukhyamantri kan‍ya vivah yojana 

        Currently, no online process has been included to apply for the Chief Minister Kanya Vivah Yojana. If you want to register in this scheme, then you have to register for this scheme by registration form.
        If you want to take advantage of this scheme, you can contact the Executive Committee of Deendayal Antyodaya Mission or you can contact the Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat
        The application form will be mandatory to be submitted 15 days before the marriage program is organized so that the concerned bodies get sufficient time to verify the application of the beneficiaries and arrange for them and get the allotment.
        Due to unavoidable reasons, if the beneficiaries who submit the application 1-2 days before the mass wedding program, then the concerned body will decide for their inclusion in the mass marriage program.

        Calendar of the year 2020 of mukhyamantri kan‍ya vivah yojana

        Download Event PDF for Chief Minister Kanya Vivah Yojana 2020: Click Here

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