NISHTHA Initiative 2019-20

The Department of School Education and Literacy has launched a national mission to improve learning outcomes at the primary level through an integrated teacher training program called NISHTHA under the centrally sponsored scheme of Samagra Shiksha in 2019-20.
NISHTHA is a capacity building program to “improve the quality of school education through integrated teacher training”. It aims to build efficiency among all teachers and school principals at the initial level. NISHTHA is the world’s largest teacher training program of its kind. The primary objective of this massive training program is to inspire and equip teachers to encourage and promote critical thinking in students. This initiative is the first in which nationally standardized training modules have been developed for all states and union territories.

Key Features of NISHTHA

  • Integrated training of principals / heads as principal academic support
  • Attention on aptitude and higher order thinking skills based on teaching learning
  • Training of all heads and teachers as first level counselors
  • Promote experiential and enjoyable learning
  • Awareness of centrally sponsored schemes / initiatives
  • Capacity building of 4.2 million teachers
  • Online monitoring and support system
  • Convergence of multi-departmental efforts
  • Activity Based Training Module

NISHTHA Outcomes

  • Improve student learning outcomes
  • Enabling and Enriching Inclusive Classroom Environments
  • Teachers are trained as first level counselors to be conscious and responsive to the social, emotional and psychological need of students
  • Teachers are trained to use art to increase creativity and innovation among students
  • Teachers are trained to develop and strengthen the personal-social qualities of students for their overall development.
  • Creating healthy and safe school environment
  • Integration of ICT in teaching and learning
  • Develop stress-free school-based assessment, which focuses on developing learning competencies
  • Teachers adopt activity based learning and move from rote learning to competency based learning

Source : PIB

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