Note Counting and Fake Currency Detector Machine through csc

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about a new news related to csc which can also be a big news for csc vle. So friends, news is that from CSC, you can now order vle, Note Counting and Fake Currency Detector machine at home too.
Now VLEs can get the note counting machine delivered to their address as it is not mandatory to pick up the note counting machine from the CSC SPO State Office.

Features of Note Counting and Fake Currency Detector Machine

  • PRICE: Rs 4540 / – tax and delivery charges included.
  • Depending on stock availability either a machine (Gobbler PX5388 or Gobbler PX301) will be provided.
  • Note Counting machines will now be delivered to VLE addresses.
  • 1-Year Outside Warranty (Product Bench Warranty / One Side Courier Fee)

Key features of the machine

UV (ultraviolet) / MG (magnetic) / IR (Infra-Red) / MT (Magnetic Thread), LCD display, automatic detection with auto and manual functions, “Size” detection, with batching, Half -Note detection, double note detection, chain note detection.

Once the machine is installed, you will not be able to return it.

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