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Note: This New trader Help premium channel offer is only for a limited time, its last date is 01/08/2022

Profitable Options

NTH Premium Options Calls is a purely Banknifty intra-day recommendation product that is powered by “new trader help” experienced technical experts. This product provides options trading tips and is specially designed for traders


 8999/-   2999/-

Non Refundable‚Äč


1 Month

Instant Message delivery Proof

NTH Premium Option calls

How to Join NTH (New Trader Help) Private Channel

  • To join the premium channel of NTH, first you have to message us
  • When you message us to join the private channel, then we will tell you the method of payment
  • As soon as you pay to join, after that you have to send your identity proof.
  • This ID verification will be same as done by NTH
  • After verification, you will receive an invite link of a private telegram channel that you have to join.
  • In this private channel you will get all the trading calls and messages which will be coming in premium channel of NTH.

How does this work

  • You get all these calls from private channel of NTH
  • Actually we have bought the official membership of NTH Channel
  • And we transfer the premium treding option calls of NTH to a new telegram channel with the help of our server-based telegram forwarder
  • With the help of our premium forwarder bot, all the messages of NTH Channel are sent to the our telegram channel instantly.
  • We add you in this telegram channel of ours, so that you get all the trading calls of NTH directly withaut any delay.
  • Our forwarder bot is 100% superfast so you get all trading calls instantly.

Product Highlights

  • NTH premium Options based intra-day product
  • Based on long-only strategy, i.e. we either recommend buying a naked call option or put option, depending upon the levels.
  • 1 BankNifty Call recommendation per day and depending upon the market condition, it may go up to 2 or 3 if sl hit
  • Focus on Banknifty which have good enough liquidity in the options data
  • All follow-up messages are sent when the trade is triggered, target is achieved or stop-loss is hit.