One Family One Job Scheme for Unemployed 2019

One Family One Job

The Sikkim Government has extended a job plan to ensure the financial security of the people of Himalayan state.

This one family will be able to get a government job for the poor families to retain their families. With this initiative, their family income will increase, unemployment will be reduced and people will be helped to increase the standard of living.

The State Government will identify eligible beneficiaries and ensure that no family avoids availing this scheme.

Sikkim One Family One Job Scheme for Employment

A family in Sikkim, under a job plan, about 15,000 youth will be given employment by the government till December. Employment will be on various MRs and ad-hoc basis in various Government Establishments. This historic decision will help people, especially from economically weaker families, for the new employment generation policy. Now, at least 1 member in each family will be employed in government jobs so that families can be sure to earn some fixed income for their livelihood.

CM Pawan Kumar Chamling has appealed to the people of Sikkim to help the government in identifying the actual beneficiaries so that only those eligible families can get the benefit.


  • Beneficiary must have a base card
  • Only one family member can be eligible for this scheme
  • Applicant should be above 18
  • To take advantage of the scheme, the beneficiary should be the native of Sikkim State

Required Document

  • identity card
  • Aadhar Card
  • income certificate
  • Any Skill Certificate etc.

Note – This scheme has been launched only in the Indian state of Sikkim, so only the native residents of Sikkim State are eligible for this scheme. But Bharat Government is also considering such a plan. That is why soon such a plan can be launched by another state or the Indian government can also launch this scheme for the whole of India. If any information related to this comes from the Government. Then we will be informed you soon as possible

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