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National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) is an autonomous scientific society that provides high and professional education through a non-formal field. CSC can provide facility centers for ACC, BCC, CCC, CCC + and ECC proposed by NIELIT

NIELIT is a society run by the Government of India and Electronic Information Effective Ministry It provides training in the computer sector in the modern field of electronic. This state-of-the-art education system has been improved in a very good way. It has some IT sector Runs the syllabus related to you and whose certificates are also provided you came within it Many types of courses in the field can be done, it has approximately 40 offices and its network is spread across India and it is present in almost all over 700 institutions throughout India and its network is spreading in India. Under the Ministry, many courses like Basic Computer are done in this

qualifications to open NIELIT FACILITATION CENTER

  • VLE / Faculty Eligibility: NIELIT CCC or MCA / MSc (Computer Science) / BE / BTech / NIELIT O / A / B / C Qualifier / BCA / PGDCA
  • To run NIELIT FACILITATION CENTER, you must have 5 to 10 computers or have a laptop
  • To run NIELIT FACILITATION CENTER you must have a room of 200 squares or more
  • To run NIELIT FACILITATION CENTER, you must have internet connectivity
  • To run NIELIT FACILITATION CENTER, you must have these battles or UPS or have any source of Electric City
  • To run NIELIT FACILITATION CENTER, you must have Power inverter or UPS, or have a source of Electric City, You must have enough furniture and your center should have proper arrangements and have proper environment.

NIELIT’s facility center has the following benefits

  • Your CSC will become a Nielit Facilitation Center and you can read the candidates for ACC, BCC, CCC, CCC + and ECC in their Nielit Center.
  • The name of your center (Common Service Center + CSC ID) will appear on the certificates of your candidates.
  • You can charge for any amount for the study, but you have to pay NIELIT examination.

How to apply for NIELIT  facility center


1. If you want to open NIELIT FACILITATION CENTER, then you will have to take CSC Common Service Center for this. You can open NIELIT FACILITATION CENTER through the Common Service Center when you take the CSC Common Service Center, you will be registered under NIELIT FACILITATION CENTER There is a choice to make a form from you. After filling the form, you have to submit your registration fee after which the CSC will take you. Lets get approval and Your NIELIT FACIITATION gets CENTER Open

    2. The other way is little bit tricky. In order to open the NIELIT facility center you have to contact NIELIT yourself, you must tell them that you have enough space and adequate space and you want to give NIELIT services in your area and give them full information After that, they will have to give all the information in writing, after this NIELIT will check you and if your place and place are found according to their If you verify, then your NIELIT Facilitation Center is opened at your place. You have to contact them by visiting the official website of NIELIT or by visiting the center of NIELIT where you are located in your nearest area.

    NIELIT Center opening registration fee is RS. 8260
    tip off: – The information given here is highly thought and corrected, but there is a lack of error. This website is not responsible for this. For information on this, you can visit the official website of or Contact and contact

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