Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
photo phone dialer .Put your photo on the dialer.Everyone will be shocked

Hello Friend If you want to put your image on your mobile dialer, then how can you do it if you are worried about downloading the dialer app of the Play Store and you see it again and again because of which you are very upset So today we are going to tell you about an app that allows you to easily place your photos on your phone’s dialer. So here we will give you step by step process. They may have. So you must read this article till the end

Step 1 First of all you have to download the photo phone dialer app in your android mobile with the given link, the size of this application is 20MB

Step 2 As soon as you download the photo phone dialer application, you have to install it in your phone

Step 3 As soon as you install this photo phone dialer app, you get two apps – the first contact and the second comes in your mobile under the name of PHONE

Step 4 Now you have a photo phone dialer Phone App is to set the dialer in place of your mobile’s official dialer, you can set your old dialer elsewhere

photo phone dialer. call How to put your photo on dialer

Step 5 Now you have to open the installed phone phone dialer dialer and anybody who wants access to it will have to give you permission.

Step 6 Now the phone phone dialer in front of you Dial will be opened Now click on the 3 dot you are viewing to set the background image. You can see this in the image shown below

Step 7 As soon as you click on the 3 dot, you will see some settings options, from which you have to select the personalized settings option. 

Step 8 As soon as you click on the personalized settings option, you will have three options in front of you dial pad, call log and contact list. Now you can easily set your image by clicking on any option.

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