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PM-UDAY Scheme is for all those people who are residing in the unauthorized colonies of the National Capital Territory of India. The property rights of all those individuals will be recognized through this scheme. On successful implementation of the scheme, the residents of these unauthorized colonies from Delhi will be allowed to register property, for this the Central Government proposed a bill for it in Parliament in 2019.


It is estimated that about 4 million Delhiites live in UC (Unauthorized colonies) spread over 175 square kilometers (about 4,3,000 acres), located on private or public land. Assets in these unauthorized colonies, whether as plots of land or as built spaces, are generally held through the General Power of Attorney (GPA), will, agreement to sell, payment and position documents.

Unauthorized colonies are mainly inhabited by people from lower income groups, who provide their services for the growth and prosperity of the national capital. It is necessary that as part of the physical and socioeconomic system of the capital, they are provided with an environment of clean, safe and healthy living.
In unauthorized colonies no development / redevelopment can take place without the right of ownership and protection which are the rights to mortgage / transfer properties.

The Central Government has attempted to solve these problems of these unauthorized colonies in the past by issuing guidelines and regulations from time to time. The existing guidelines / regulations have not shown the desired results due to NCT of Delhi Government not conducting the same operations during the last 11 years.

Finally with the approval of the Union Cabinet on 07.03.2019, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India, constituted a committee under the chairmanship of the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi to process / recognize ownership or mortgage. Recommends / Transfer rights for residents of unauthorized colonies in Delhi. On 07.06.2019, the committee submitted its report to MoHUA.

On 23.10.2019, the Union Cabinet approved the proposal submitted by MoHUA to recognize / recognize ownership or mortgage / transfer rights to the residents of 1731 Unauthorized colonies in Delhi. Now the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Recognition of Property Rights of Residents in Unauthorized Colonies) Bill, 2O19 has also been introduced in Parliament to allow registration of property and provide great relief to the residents of these unauthorized colonies from Delhi. has gone.

After a lot of accusations between the AAP and BJP over unauthorized colonies in the national capital, the DDA comes under the BJP-ruled central government, the Prime Minister said that unauthorized colonies are being implemented in the Delhi Housing Scheme (PM-UDAY)

PM-uday yojana Delhi Online Apply

Here we will give you information on how to apply for property rights in unauthorized colonies in Delhi, it is very easy to apply for pm-uday yojana. To register, go to the official website of the scheme From this website, you can do REGISTRATION, check the applications, print the registration details and also file the application.


  • To register pm-uday yojana, first you have to go to the official website of the scheme You can click on the link below to go to the website : Direct Link
  • After reaching the website homepage, after scrolling down the website, you will see a button ofREGISTRATION on which you have to click.

  • After clicking on the registration button, the PM-UDAY registration form will open in front of you

  • Now you will be asked for some information to register such as your name, address, Colony Name etc.
  • You have to fill all the information sought correctly, after filling all the information, you have to check your filled form once again and click the submit button.
  • After registration you will get an Applicant Unique No. Will be given using which you can print your registration details by clicking the button of “Print Registration Detail” given on the home page of the website.


The DDA has opened 25 processing centers across Delhi, which issue execution or authorization slips of conveyance deeds. These centers will be run by Assistant Director level officers and other staff who, after due approval by the competent authority, will execute the Convention Deeds and issue authorization slips after verifying the original documents in the presence of two witnesses.

In the entire process of presenting / identifying the property right, this is the only stage where the applicant has to visit the DDA center. All other processes can be done through e-portal.


For the convenience of applicants, DDA has opened 25 help desks across Delhi. Help desks are operated by experienced officers to guide the applicants and are equipped with computer and internet facility to provide assistance to applicants who do not have the facility to submit their applications on the portal of DDA. Applicants can go there for any information or help to submit their application.

To get More information related to PM-Uday scheme, visit the official website of the scheme

Source : Delhi Development Authority PM-UDAY Portal

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