Pradhan mantri free solar panel Scheme 2019

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is the nodal ministry of the Government of India for all matters relating to new and renewable energy. The broad objective of the Ministry is to develop and deploy new and renewable energy to complement the energy requirements of the country.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Central Government is inviting applications for Rooftop Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme. After that social sector and residential users can adopt solar rooftop connections and earn regular income from electricity generated. Accordingly, interested users can contact their electricity providers to establish a grid connection.

Rooftop connections are essential for the bright future of the nation because they greatly reduce the pollution. Under this scheme, people will get 30% subsidy on the installation cost of solar power plant connections on the roof. Apart from this, people can avail home loans and priority sector loans up to Rs 10 lakhs.

This plan will provide an excellent opportunity to consume your own generated electricity and reduce your electricity bill. In addition, the government will provide a Generation-based incentive amount up to Rs 2 per unit per unit.

Other countries around the world are eager to see the sun, India receives the abundance of sunlight. This is the most important criterion for solar energy and our country already has it all. Government of India has started progressing towards solar energy. The government has multiplied its target and aims to achieve 100 GW solar panel capacity by 2022.

Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has introduced several Central Financial Assistance (CFA) schemes which encourage India to achieve its ambitious target of 100 GW to promote solar energy. Support is aimed at providing subsidy to those enterprises who are contributing in development.

Subsidy for Grid-connected Rooftop

CFA is 30% of benchmark cost for general and 70% CFA for residential, social and institutional areas. No subsidy for commercial and industrial sector. 

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme

  • After the installation of the solar ceiling, people can generate their own power by using energy from the sun.
  • People can then consume their generated solar energy, which will reduce their electricity bill.
  • If the energy generated is more than the required energy, then people can sell this extra energy to the discom / utility. These electricity providers will purchase this electricity on the notified charges, thus it will work as a regular source of income.
  • With the establishment of Rooftop Solar Connections, pollution will be greatly reduced. According to this, people can participate in the creation of clean and pollution free India.

Rooftop Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme – Application Process

  • First of all, people have to contact their electricity providers to know the process and fees for installing roof connections.
  • After this, interested candidates will have to get approval from the electricity providers to set up Rooftop Solar Power Panel.
  • Accordingly, then the candidates will have to contact the solar rooftop developer to install such systems on their roofs.
  • Later, people must intimate the successful completion of the installation process for their electricity providers.
  • In the end, the electricity provider will inspect one and give it final approval to provide them grid interconnection.
  • After receiving the grid connection, people can earn money according to the amount of electricity generated through their solar roofs.

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