Rapid Reporting System for Adolescent Girls By Central Govt.

Rapid Reporting System for Adolescent Girls

The main objective of the scheme for teenage girls (SAG) is to cover girls between 11 and 14 years of age for nutrition assistance so that they can return to formal schooling or skill training under its non-nutritional component. Can be induced. This scheme equips girls with information on health, hygiene and guidance on existing public services.

A special intervention for teens called SAG, using the ICDS infrastructure in 2010 was designed to break the life-cycle of inter-generation of nutritional and gender related disabilities, thus in the form of teenage girls Provides a supportive environment for self-development.

Objectives Of Rapid Reporting System

The main purpose of this scheme is to facilitate, educate and empower Teen Girls (AGs) so that they can become self-sufficient and aware citizens. The following objectives of this plan are:

  • Enabling teenage girls (AGs) for self-development and empowerment.
  • Improve their nutrition and health status.
  • Promote awareness about health, hygiene and nutrition.
  • To support the school girls (AG) to make formal changes in formal schooling or bridge learning / skill training.
  • Providing information / guidance about existing public services such as primary health center, rural hospital etc.

Target group

This scheme will cover school girls aged 11 to 14 years. School girls from 11+ to 14 years of age are entitled for supplementary nutrition under this scheme, they also have knowledge about life skills education, nutrition and health education, awareness of social-legal issues, current public services etc. Will get information. The purpose of the scheme is to motivate the girls of the school to return to formal schooling or vocational / skill training under the non-nutritional component of the scheme.

implement Of Scheme

Under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), this scheme will be implemented through existing Anganwadi Centers (AWCs).

SERVICES Under The Rapid Reporting System

  1. Nutrition provision
  2. Iron and Folic Acid (IFA) supplementation
  3. Health Investigation & Referral Services
  4. Nutrition and Health Education (NHE)
  5. Out of school girls to join formal schooling, bridge courses / skill training
  6. Life Skills Education, Home Management etc.

Source : Ministry of Women & Child Development | Government of India

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