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Hello young brothers If you have filled your form in the Youth Plan all of you, then how can you know your status, we will tell you in this article today, if you become disturbed by frequent internet searches, then friends How can you check the status of your form (saksham yojana check status) then you have come to the right place. Here we will tell you all the steps Step by step, so that you can know how to know after all that your form has either been approved or has been rejected. And if your form has been rejected then what do you have to do now? So let’s not spend too much time. Let’s tell you how to do this process. | saksham yojana check status

what is saksham yojana 

So friends, we would like to tell you before the saksham yojana check status to see what this plan is. We are trying to explain this plan in a few words to you here. If you want to know about this plan in the fullest sense that after all How to apply it. And what the documents will look like. So you can read our old article which we are giving you below.

saksam yojna Haryana in hindi | सक्षम युवा योजना हरियाणा (full Guide) : SAKSHAM YOJANA

Friends-saksham yojana run by the Haryana government. This scheme is controlled by the Haryana Employment Department. Under this scheme, bhatta and maanadey are given to educated youth and work is also provided to unemployed youth. And still under the scheme, the allowance is being given to the educated youth and this scheme is currently underway for the Art Graduate youth. And how old people can check their status, we are going to tell you here

saksham yojana check status Step By Step 

1.To saksham yojana check status, first you have to click on the link below and visit the scheme’s official website. Visit website Click Hare

2. As soon as you go to the website, you will see some options in the site’s menu, from which you have to click on the Applicant (s) option option.

3. Now you will have some boxes in front of which you will be asked to select some information. You have to fill in all the information such as

4. In which you have your district and then graduate or postgraduate. And after that you have to select your qualification
5. Now you have to select your gender and then click on the search button that will be visible in front of you.

6. As soon as you click on the Search button, all the data will be open frount of you. This will include the names of all the youngsters whose form has been received and whose form has been rejected and also for which the pending is in

7. All of you will find this list in alphabetical series so you can easily select the first letter of your name and check that series and see your name, whether your form has been approved or not 

8. The applications will be written in front of the name of the youth whose application has been approved. And if the youth of the application is rejected or pending, then their application will be saksham yojana check status written in the red color in front of their name.

What do the youngsters whose application has been rejected

If any one application are rejected , then the information you have sent to your mail will be sent to your mail after all. But if you are not satisfied with that information then you can contact Govt.of Haryana, Employment Department, for this, you are going to be shown on the website by clicking the Contact Us button. You will then see the officers’ numbers and their email ID in front of the scheme. Which you can find by calling mail or phone

NoteFriends, I hope all of you have liked this information. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this information, then you must tell us by commenting

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