SE Shagun Portal Complete Information

SE Shagun, ie, School Education Shagun is a complete platform related to the entire gamut of activities of the Department of School Education in the Government of India and in all states and union territories. The word ‘Shagun’ is coined from two different words – ‘Shala’ which means school and ‘Gunvatta‘ which means quality, and Shagun Portal has two parts:

  1. One part is a repository of best practices, photographs, videos, studies, newspaper articles etc. on elementary education in schools of the central government, states and union territories and autonomous bodies. It aims to showcase success stories, thus providing a platform for all stakeholders to learn from each other and instill a positive competitive spirit among all states and union territories.
  2. The second part is ShaGun’s online monitoring module that measures progress against state-level performance and key educational indicators that enable the Government of India and the departments of state and union territories of education to conduct real-time assessments that provide general paper- Based monitoring system had not been allowed to simplify data collection and reporting processes through the Shagun, which Sector result is completely transparent and efficient system.

SE Shagun Portal Objective

  • To assess the status of all government and government aided schools on various key indicators, availability of school infrastructure and other facilities related to teachers and students
  • Ensuring the authenticity of data provided in various portals
  • To provide feedback on various dimensions at all levels
  • Analyze school reports and initiate appropriate policy interventions to facilitate systems to be sensitive to school-specific needs

    Schemes and programs under SE Shagun

      E-LEARNING PLATFORMS under SE Shagun

      • e-pathshala
      • National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER)
      • National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
      • Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA)

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