Stree Swabhiman Scheme By CSC

Stree Swabhiman

Under this brand name “stree swabhiman”, there is a CSC SP initiative in the field of women’s hygiene to make and provide sanitary napkins at affordable prices to rural and tribal women of India.

CSC has more than 35000 female entrepreneurs, who specially provide different G2C and B2C services to the citizens in rural India. These CSCs provide digital inclusion and support in the implementation of various government initiatives in the form of digital literacy, financial inclusion, skill development etc. CSCs have proved themselves to be a continuously rural enterprise that provides jobs for the local population. CSCs now venture into a new social initiative “stree swabhiman”, where the Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Units were set up to promote women’s health and hygiene. Is going.

This service will provide employment to 8-10 other women. CSC is empowering its women entrepreneurs not only to provide sanitary pads in their centers, but also to educate the women of their society, to overcome this social taboo and to encourage the use of sanitary pad. It will provide units for making bio-decrydable, environmentally friendly sanitary pads in our units.

Stree Swabhiman Yojana

  • This project focuses on promoting the menstrual hygiene and setting up training and sanitary napkins unit to support the rural level entrepreneurs and SHG groups.
  • Intervention proposes to create ongoing livelihood options for 35000 women who will be involved in the manufacturing process by developing their entrepreneurial venture in their CSC center.
  • Products (sanitary napkins) will be sold under the local brand name and will be marketed by VLE.
  • The project also has a awareness generation component related to the menstrual hygiene and its purpose is to use sanitary napkins among the rural girls in schools and colleges, which provide napkins in schools.

Model for VLE a Social Kendra for their Villages

  • Any citizen of India can set up this unit (Stree Swabhiman) by investing the cost of setup.
  • Village Level Entrepreneur will provide sanitary pad free for schoolgirls of their village and town.
  • Girls can also avail this from their village’s CSC Center.
  • The CSC will provide 500 VCs per year to their VLEs. (Subject to availability of donations)
  • The same will be verified by the Principal of that school.
  • School Principal will provide written confirmation about the distribution and number of beneficiaries.

What are the tools used in the MMU?

  • Rolling raw material device
  • Wings gumming device
  • UV radiation sterilizer
  • Bonding Gumming Device
  • Pressing wings Dye-cut Machine
  • Pressing plate
  • Heat seal Machine etc.

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