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During the examination, parents and teachers are equally anxious and anxious as the students Their concern is the only issue that my child has passed good marks and if the child passes by good marks, then it means that parents and teachers have played their respective responsibilities. Parents and teachers have a large role in this. Children always want to conform to the expectations of their parents and teachers, but teachers and parents should keep in mind that due to their expectations, unnecessary pressure on the child’s mind will not increase their mental stress. . It is very important to take special care of certain things during the examination so that students can get help in preparing for the exam.

Mental stress can cause illness

The East and the test is to find students and increased mental stress of their parents and the case is often about career after the pre-test results of the test results. Whatever the test, the student and the guardian are always tense about the exam preparation, rank and digits. Are highly students taking stress such as mental illness of various kinds – sleeping problem, occupy fatigue, anxiety, migraine and other diseases that cause a lot of time to test difficulties.

To avoid mental stress, take the help of student counseling helpline

A student counseling helpline was started by the Secondary Education Board, Madhya Pradesh to deal with similar mental stress due to examination and career anxiety. In which counselors are being consulted to overcome the mental stress of students and their parents involved in high school and higher secondary examinations. The academic problems faced by the students are also being done under the guidance of this panel.

1. The students and their parents are also receiving consultation from the Helpline Cells located at the Center of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal.

2. Benefits of this Helpline service are being given to students through a toll-free number 18002330175 and landline number 0755-2570248 / 2570258 from 8 am to 8 pm, which will be operated in three shifts of 4-4 hours. being done.

3. Counseling is being given by 6 counselors in each innings. In 2018 total counseling has been provided to 100611 students through helpline service.

4. With the help of this helpline, students will be able to get information related to various schemes, exam guidelines, suggestion on stress free exam, tips on better results, career counseling, healthy study habits and concentration during examinations. Being informed.

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