Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

People often have dehydration in summer. The problem of dehydration is because the body needs more water during the summer season.

Due to the lack of an adequate amount of water in the body, people fall ill and they have to take many types of medicines. However, by including some fruits and vegetables in your diet, you can avoid the problem of dehydration. Let’s know which are those fruits and vegetables.

1. Watermelon

Lush and sweet watermelon is liked by people in the summer season. About 90% water is found in watermelon. In addition, this fruit is considered the best source of lycopene.

2. Muskmelon

Melon is very much preferred during the summer season. Sweet and succulent melon is found to be very low in calories. Many types of nutrients are found in melons. Up to 90% of water is found in melon which keeps the body hydrated.

3. Cucumber

You can also drink cucumber soup in the summer season. Up to 90% of water is found in cucumbers. Therefore, consuming cucumbers can be very beneficial in summer.

4. Cauliflower

According to a report, up to 92% of water is found in cauliflower. Cauliflower vitamin C, vitamin K and other cruciferous are found. Cauliflower not only helps in keeping the body hydrated but can also help in lowering the risk of cholesterol and lower cancer.

5. Root vegetables

Root vegetables such as radish, carrots, beetroot contain up to 95% water. Taking these vegetables in summer keeps the stomach cold and there is no shortage of water in the body. You can include these vegetables in the diet as a salad.

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