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welcome back in today’s artical
we are checking out some of the best

budget phones that you can buy in 2018
now of course the budget phone means 
but for me personally a budget phone is
different things for different people 
the least amount of money so all the
the phone that offers the most value for phones that I’m about to show you in 

this Artical can be bought for under $200 
Chinese website or even on Amazon thereif you search for a budget phone on any 
are hundreds and hundreds of results and of course choosing the right phone it’s 
always very different so that’s why I’m not that easy now if you buy a phone 
just based on the specifications that you see online what you get them in 
reality and what you see online it’s only gonna show you phones that I 
description because I’m gonna leave some
personally got to try and test out if 
you wanna see the full review for any of the phones that I’m about to show you 
start feel free to check the 

links in artical below 
let’s Start with 
this is a 
phone that costs around one hundred and fifty dollars and this is one of the 
some us carriers we have Android sevenfuture in these phones that were cut we have the media tech 6750 T CPU we 
allows you to use the phone for a couple have four gigs of ram and a four thousand milliamp hour battery that 
beautiful six inch screen with the 18 byof days on one charge the phone has a 9 screen ratio but to the 1440 by 720p 
cameras on the back of the phone theresolution so not the highest resolution out there even though we have two second camera is face you have to rely 
decent but nothing spectacular the UI ison the main 16 megapixel camera on the back of the phone the picture quality is very close to stock Android and that 
keeps the phone very smooth and a very speedy and that is one of the main reasons why included this phone in the top 5 . so overall this is a premium 

purchasing decision moving onlooking phone decent specs great performance but an average camera make sure that you check out the full review of the Yumi dgs to light before making a purchasing decision 

4.Nubia M2

Nubia m2 this one was at least about six months ago used to cost somewhere around 450 dollars now you can get this phone for about a hundred and sixty dollars and for that price we get unbelievable value so first of all you get a very premium looking phone that’s made out of metal and glass and we also get a Snapdragon 625 CPU and four gigs of RAM we also have a 5.5 inch screen that’s also an AMOLED screen this is probably the only phone this chip that gets an AMOLED screen the performance from that’s not rag and 625 CPU it’s great and the phone performs very smooth in most situations the rear cameras take amazing pictures and the phone can even take pictures to that portrait mode that we see from much more expensive devices so yes even though we have a phone that costs about 160 dollars the picture quality from this phone it’s absolutely amazing the only reason why I have this phone at number four is the operating system so this one is running Android six and it doesn’t seem like it will get any updates any time soon if you don’t mind using an older operating system this is an exceptionally good phone for its low price

3.Meizu M6

meizu m6 note . this one it’s very similar to the Nubia m2 we have the same Snapdragon 625 CPU and you can get this form of either three or four gigs of ram but we get android 7.1 so that’s basically a step up from the Nubia m2 once again we get a very premium looking phone that’s made out of metal and glass and we also get two rear cameras that are able to take exceptionally good two looking pictures mostly considering that these phone cost about one hundred and seventy dollars the performance is also great and the phone can handle most games available in the Google Play Store we also have a four thousand milliamp hour battery inside this phone that can keep the phone going for a couple of days and about eight to nine hours of screen on time in between charges since this phone was released last year it doesn’t get that 18 by 9 screen ratio and that’s the main reason why I had placed this phone number three and not higher overall this is another great phone for under $200 and I highly recommend this phone if you are looking for a great budget phone
2.NUU G3

we have a phone that you probably never heard of this is the new g3 smartphone of well that costs just under $200 and it’s also compatible with some US carriers this one will also be available in Europe in a couple of weeks and of course it’ll work with most European carriers the new g3 looks fairly similar the samsung galaxy s 9 plus and you also get glass on the front and on the back of the phone the phone is powered by the mediatek helio p25 cpu so fairly powerful CPU that’s also paired with 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of internal storage the 5.7 inch screen looks great but we only get a 720p resolution now personally I don’t mind that at all but I know that some of you don’t agree with me the phone it’s running Android 7 and the UI it’s very close to stock Android and that keeps the phone very speedy as well it’s also very surprised to see how good the rear cameras or so we have two cameras on the back of the device and the cameras aren’t fake the phone can take some great-looking pictures even in low-light and it can even take some good-looking portrait mode pictures so once again for a phone that costs about $200 the picture quality is quite impressive so if you’re in the US and you’re looking for a great budget phone you should definitely check out the new g3

lastly at number one we have the xiaomi redmi 5 plus you can get this phone for about 160 dollars and once again for the price we do get a lot of value I’ve played this phone at number one because of the reliability that we get from the xiaomi brand and also the timely updates so this phone has a 5.9 inch screen with the 18 by 9s creation of course a 1080p resolution we get a snapdragon 625 you can get this form of either 3 or 4 gigs of ram on the back of the phone we only get one camera and I don’t think the camera on the back of this phone it’s as good as the cameras that we’ve seen on the past on 3 phones and of course you’re not going to be able to take any of those pictures through the so called portrait mode so the camera is decent but definitely not as good as the cameras that we’ve seen from the last three phones like most Cheramie devices we get great build quality and we also get great battery life from the built-in four thousand milliamp hour battery so you can expect about two days on one charge and out of that between 8 and 10 hours of screen on time so definitely great battery life so if you’re looking for good affordable on the phone and that’s also reliable the xiaomi redmi v plus will be a great device for you

So these are the
 top five best budget phones that you can buy in 2018 now as we all know there are new phones coming out every single day and it’s kind of hard to keep up with all of them and I’m going to try to write one of these artical every 3-4 months so this we can catch up with the phones that you missed alright guys don’t forgot to Subscribe our blog

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