Top 5 Emulators For 2018 4k Gameplay: PlayStation Emulators (PS1/PSX) Windows, Mac, Android & Linux

hey what’s going on guys today I want to show you top five my favorite basic emulators for 2018 now these are mostly windows-based emulators some of these do work with Linux but none of these are gonna run on your Raspberry Pi or a small single board computer these need decent amounts of power to run, I have an i7 4790k at 4.5 gigahertz and even then some games still lag in some of these emulators I was gonna do a top ten but I didn’t want to make an long post these are the top five emulators that I’ve been using in 2018 

1. Demul emulator 

 the Dreamcast emulator here one of the best on the market there are a few other ones out there but I suggest trying this out now the main thing about this emulator is the BIOS packs I’ve seen a lot of people get really frustrated not being able to get this to run you need the correct iOS packs so if you just do a quick Google search with the name of the emulator followed by BIOS pack you can find it so this has a lot of settings in here you can even run your favorite Dreamcast games at 4k as long as your monitor and your PC will support it I’m running at 1080p it supports a lot of different game formats I’m using CDI here just like you would with null DC if you’ve ever used null DC you know some games still have a lot of glitching going on they pretty much fixed almost everything here with them you’ll just get into a game real quick yes Jet Set Radio runs perfectly in the simulator yes Shenmue runs perfectly in the semi you can even run it at 4k like I mentioned as long as your hardware in your monitor or your screen supports it you can do 4k gameplay with Dreamcast so this is my go to Dreamcast emulator right now a lot of people been using null DC but this is a little more accurate and the compatibility is much better in my opinion one more here you can see it’s running really well I do in my FPS listed in the top left hand corner I will leave links to every one of these emulators that I mentioned in this artical below if you want to try to set it up we have done some videos on most of these I’ll try to find those links also if not you can just search Google on how to set one of these up

2. PCSX2  Playstation 2 emulator

 a lot of people have heard of this a lot of people have used it s ps2 emulator out there now there’s still some compatibility issues with some games I have noticed that Ratchet and Clank is missing textures there are some hacks and ways around that but overall it’s really easy to set up for most games downlo pcsx2 grab the ps2 biases get you some games and you can start playing it supports all kinds of plugins it supports all kinds of video resolutions just go into 2x native resolution because the game I really like playing with this is Shadow of the Colossus most of these emulators are very CPU intensive but a lot of them do use a lot of the GPU also like I mentioned I have a 4790k clocked at 4.5 gigahertz I also have a gtx 1066 gigabyte GPU so a lot of the stuff just works on my pc you have a lower-end system it might be harder to run some of these games especially Shadow of the Colossus I’ve tried this on several systems with decent specs and I don’t have really good luck you except for this system here I can get a consistent 60fps with this game and taking a look at you know the requirements and what it does take to run these they will not work on the Raspberry Pi that’s just how it is maybe in a few years the Raspberry Pi 19 will be able to play these but for now there’s no way you’ll get PlayStation 2 running on that arm CPU so it just works really well on my system hundreds of games are supported last time I checked I’m pretty sure they got all ps2 games covered some of them still have glitches like I mentioned with Ratchet and Clank but overall it’s a great experience on a lot of games I can up the resolution even higher than this get it looking really good on my screen so for ps2 I definitely recommend pcsx2 

3.Citra Nintendo 3DS Emulator

moving on to some other emulators we have 3ds using CItra now they just put an update out where they enabled GPU acceleration and it works wonders if you have a decent GPU so the back end is OpenGL shader emulation GPU 3x native resolution I can even go higher than this let’s go to 5 and see if this works it looks great I’m just gonna load my file here Samus returns the new Metroid so this is Citra as you can see it’s running a really great consistent 60fps every once in a while when you’re loading a new level you might get a stutter here and there but it’s definitely worth checking out I am at 5x resolution so I’ve cleaned it up a lot just upping that resolution makes all games look amazing give it a try all links artical below with the new update from the canary builds they actually fixed a lot of the Pokemon problems for Pokemon Sun and Moon pokemon X&Y they are now pretty much fully playable and it’s come a long way since this emulator was released so since

4.Cemu Wii U Emulator

did this is an awesome emulator it hasn’t been out that long and a lot of the games are supported you’re still gonna run into some games that won’t run at all you can run these in 4k with graphics packs but right now I just have one game here and this is the main game everybody wants to see running in SEM U and that game is Zelda breath of the wild now I don’t have any hacks on or anything like that to make this run any better on my system there are a lot of hacks out there a lot of mods to make it run better on lower end systems with all these emulator showed you the CPU is very very important well with all the new updates coming out for these emulators the GPU is getting almost as important as the CPU so having a good GPU will definitely help out with emulation especially in the future when developers add Vulcan support and all kinds of stuff so having a good GPU and CPU is very important for all of these emulators but that’s we you using sem you


 and last but not least this is one of my favorite emulators right now this is our pcs 3 they’ve come a long way this is a real ps3 emulator for Windows and Linux you will need a fast CPU for this to work correctly on your system so there’s a lot of games that are supported there’s a lot of games that are not supported they do have a compatibility list and I just did a tutorial video on how to get this up and running I’m just gonna go ahead and start Demon Souls real quick and  I think it’s amazing that they got this running on Windows using an x86 CPU and here’s demon souls running on PC runs really well you will get some stuttering here and there it needs to compile the shaders as you play the game a lot of these newer emulators that are coming out are using that same technique so one playthrough might be a little choppy but if you restart you’ll get really smooth frame rates like this it’s amazing

 if you’re really interested in a certain emulator leave a comment down below and I’ll try my hardest to get a video made ASAP so that’s pretty much it for this video guys I really appreciate you reading this artical

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