top 5 near death experiences CAUGHT ON CAMERA

Top 5 near death experiences

1.number one spot today again  these are really in no particular order  but we have a guy here who Neely who is  jumping it to the other side of a cliff  now here’s a general rule of life for  you absolutely nothing good can happen  after you say yeah you can totally do  that normally it means you or a friend  are about to do something insanely  stupid and you need to get crazy lucky  or end up in the hospital thankfully for  this guy he got extremely lucky escape  but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t  just a couple of inches from death in  two completely different ways first of  all the jump itself is crazy and he very  nearly doesn’t make it he was not  dressed for jumping across huge gaps in  mountains at all and even though we  don’t get to see exactly how deadly  before would be it’s obvious he’d be  lucky to survive he only just gets  across and then nearly dies all over  again when the momentum nearly makes him  roll off the edge if it wasn’t for that  friend who grabbed his arm and pulled  him back there’s no knowing how long he  would have even fallen for honestly this  dude should thank his lucky stars that  the universe was feeling nice that day  but he probably should stay away from  high places for a while too I mean you  could do it  Oh God 

2.coming in for the number-2 spot today we  have a skier who falls down a mountain  now if there’s anything you should take  away from this list  it’s that coming near mountains is just  a bad idea in general because this is  another video we’re staying away from  one could have saved this guy a whole  world of stress Tippie honest though  this guy knew exactly what he was doing  was super dangerous so everyone in the  comment seemed to think that he got what  he deserved  basically he was on a tiny rock outcrop  and in the top of a mountain and he was  preparing to jump off and start skiing  when everything went wrong  it’s a stupid mistake really all he did  was step back a little bit too much and  then suddenly he was falling through the  air not only that but he kept falling  for a long time and to be finally hit a  flat patch of snow to recover on it’s  pretty scary to watch but thankfully the  guy gets up and seems fine and whatever  happens next is probably even more of a  pain I mean yeah it’s great that the  fall didn’t hurt him too much but now he  has to climb all the way back up to his  friend definitely a situation that I  wouldn’t want to be in

3.coming in at number three today we have  a climber for now honestly everybody  knows that rock climbing can be  dangerous so I guess you could say this  kind of exactly what he was getting  himself into with that said I think this  video could make you nervous even if you  were super experienced at climbing  because it could literally happen to  anyone  this guy was climbing got the slide of a  slab but with very little gear on and  just a safety line to hold him in place  he does pretty well but there’s barely  anything to hold on to so he starts to  struggle pretty quickly he’s also got a  GoPro strapped to his clothes so you can  hear him get more and more stressed and  eventually he loses his grip completely  not only does he fall but because it’s  so flat he’s just sliding against the  rock which has got to be insanely  painful luckily enough he gets away with  just a few cuts on his hand but without  that safety line there would be no  surviving at all definitely a very very  dangerous and scary position to be in  which is why it makes and number three

4.come again up for the number four spot  today we have a boulder that almost  crushes a car now I know that living by  the mountains is supposed to be  beautiful but it’s videos like this that  make me want to avoid it at all costs I  mean I know it’s probably beautiful and  it’s great to be surrounded by nature  but if this happened to me I would  probably wonder if it was really or  worth it  everything seems fine at first people  are just driving along in the shadow of  the mountain but then the car in front  suddenly swerves to the left and there’s  a huge explosion of dirt that showers  onto the road pretty soon though you can  see that a giant boulder fell onto the  road and that the car just got away in  time which in itself is absolutely crazy  and I can’t light this one is pretty  terrifying even if nobody got hurt  because they could have easily not seen  that Boulder coming either way this one  is very very dangerous and another very  very close call which is why it makes a  number 4 coming in up for the number 5 spot today we have a plane that was hit from behind on a runway so in this clip the pilot has just landed his tiny little plane on the runway and has dropped the top so he’s totally exposed it should be fine because everyone else learning to fly no see literally stay in their Lane but apparently someone didn’t get the memo under the plane drives straight for them and ends up close enough to bump the camera and the guy’s head literally the only reason why he survived was because the plane wasn’t one inch closer which is kind of crazy when you think about it either way this is definitely a very very close call which is why it makes a number 5 
 and that’s our artical on the top five craziest near-death moments caught on tape as always

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