top 5 scariest movies :Scariest Horror Movies 2018

Horror movies… you either love them or you hate them. Some people enjoyed getting scared others not so much. Personally im always down for a good creepy movie. And im sorry to tell you guys who don’t like horror movies but there are a lot of creepy ones coming out this year and that’s what were going to be talking about today.

Before we get started I want to know- What is your all time favorite horror movie. Let me know your answers down in the comments. Alright lets get started on our list of the top 5 scary movies coming out in 2018.


now this is a movie that people are super excited for. And that’s basically for 2 reasons- 1 this movie is amazing and has created a great franchise- this will actually be the 11th instalment in the Halloween franchise- and 2 Jamie Lee Curtis is back. This movie of course is coming out right around Halloween on October 19th. Its also important to note this movie is a new sequel not a remake. And in it we have- Jamie Lee Curtis- Judy Greer and Andi Matichak among others. Now as you guys might remember Jamies character died in Halloween resurrection. So how is she back? Well the filmmaker on the project- David Gordon Green- is ignoring the continuity of every film after the first one. So from what I grasp this Halloween is picking up 40 years after the events of the original film and Lourie Strode is back and once again comes face to face with Mike Myers. They are keeping pretty tight lipped about the movie and there isn’t even a teaser trailer out yet but im sure it going to be great. And there you have it that’s our list of the top 5 scary movies coming out in 2018

2.THE NUN – 2018

This is the first movie that introduces the nun…well technically its the conjuring 2. But now she has her own movie- in the latest franchise spin off. This one is inspired by the evil nun that haunted Lorraine Warren. Its set to come out July 13th and in it we’ll have- Demian Bichir- Taissa Farmiga- and Charlotte Hope among others. In this movie we follow a priest and a nove-it-she-at who discover an unholy secret at a Romanian abbey after a nun takes her own life. Yeah this film is definitely going to be interesting that’s for sure.

3.The Strangers: Prey at Night

yes this one is already out but it technically came out in 2018 and its freaking terrifying so it makes the list. As you guys know I cant do masks they freak me the F out. Cant do it. This movie was released on March 9th.In this movie we have Christina Hendricks- Bailee Madison- Martin Henderson and Lewis Pullman. This movie takes place 10 years after the first one and Baghead- Dollface and Pinup Girl are back and crazier then ever. This time instead of being in a cabin we are in a deserted trailer park and a family comes face to face with the masked psychopaths. Now I must say the original was better then the sequel but its still worth watching and its still really messed up and freaky.

4.Truth or Dare Trailer (2018)

This movie is set to come out on April 13th and in it we have- Lucy Hale- Tyler Posey- Violett Beane- Nolan Gerard Funk- Hayden Szeto- and Sophia Taylor Ali. The trailer for this movie looks pretty dark. It’s a little bit of cringe tied in with a lot of wtf moments

5.The Purge: The Island (2018) 

The purge movies are all terrifying and after the last one I thought how can they top that? Well apparently by dumping them on an island. This movies set to be released July 4th. In it well see- Steve Harris- Patch Darragh- Mugga- Mo McRae and Joivan Wade among others. So in 2013 we started of with the purge- then came the purge anarchy and then the purge election year and each movie just got scarier and scarier. So this 4th instalment is actually a prequel which should be pretty interesting. Its going to take us back to the very first experimental 
purge on Staten Island. Yeah if its like any of the other Purge movies its going to be terrifying.

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