Top 5 Scary Places You Should Never Visit After Dark

there are a ton of places in this worlds that are just too dangerous haunted or Airy to visit most of these places on our list have been cut off from the outside world but somehow people still manage to find a way in but if you value your life in your sanity you should never ever visit these places especially after dark. all right let’s jump right  into this Artical this is the top 10 scary  places that you should never visit after  dark

1. The Cecil Hotel 

the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles in case you were ever considering staying at the Cecil Hotel here are a few reasons why you should reconsider you know staying at multi late and stay this hotel has been the site of many gruesome suicides and murders a crazy number of guests have mysteriously died including one woman who is later found dead on the roof of the hotel after riding in an elevator alone oh and several serial killers have stayed there while they were on a killing spree so you can literally be sleeping in a room next to a serial killer all of these incidents forced the owner to change the name of the hotel to stay on main but regardless of name this is definitely a place that you never want to check into because you may never check out

2. Poveglia island

this place is probably one of the most illegal places someone should ever visit this island is located off of the coast of northern Italy near Venice but don’t be fooled this little island isn’t a romantic destination it has a very dark past  but it used to be the home to thousands of refugees black plague victims and the island acted as a quarantine so with all of that being said that this island is believed to be extremely haunted and apparently you can still hear the screams of the victims here the abandoned Asylum is also said to be filled with ghosts of patients that were abused there so if you’re ever in Italy just stick to the popular tourist spots like Roma Venice but don’t visit the island or else you will seriously regret it

3. The Mines of Paris 

these tunnels are not open to the public and exploring the mines is illegal because it is so dangerous the tunnels are not regulated they aren’t patrolled and they are super unsafe but that still doesn’t stop people from going inside of it legend has it that cults and strange creatures can be found in the mines and there might even be a gateway to hell down there the tunnel stretch 600 kilometers underground and most of the tunnels are not on any map so saying that it is extremely easy to get lost down there some hallways are even flooded and they’re so narrow that you can’t even go through them this place is a labyrinth and it is rumoured that if you go down there you can hear people screaming for help but you’ll never be able to find them

4. The Eastern State Penitentiary

the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania USA this former prison was built in 1829 and it’s infamously known to be the first prison then introduced solitary confinement prisoners would be sent here to be completely isolated and whenever they left their self a black hood will be placed over their head to ensure that they didn’t have any interactions with anyone else due to this prisons harsh approach many prisoners went insane and solitary confinement was actually removed there in 1913 but ever since then reports of heavily paranormal activities have been a common thing from shadowy figures evil cackling and ghostly faces this prison is sure to terrify anyone who steps foot inside

5. The island of the dolls

okay maybe this one I’m a little curious  about but take a look at this

it looks  like a scene from a horror movie  hundreds of dolls strung up and hanging  from trees  Anastasi owes Uncle started collecting  these dolls 50 years ago after he found  the body of a young girl who drowned on  these shores if you don’t enjoy creepy  you worn out looking dolls hanging from  trees then this is definitely not the  place for you just south of Mexico City  there’s a small island with an  incredible sad backstory it is dedicated  to the lost soul of an unfortunate girl  who died under unusual circumstances  apparently these dolls were hung because  people claimed that they were being  haunted by the spirit of a little girl  so they started to hang dolls in an  attempt to please her spirit but could  you imagine an island that is full of  terrifying dolls with severed limbs and  decapitated heads I wouldn’t even want  to visit this island in the daytime let  alone at night

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