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Unique ID for Persons with Disabilities” project is being implemented for the purpose of creating a national database for persons with disabilities (PwDs) and issuing a unique disability identification card to each person for persons with disabilities. This project will not only encourage transparency, efficiency and ease in providing government benefits to people with disabilities, but also ensure uniformity. The project will also help in streamlining the tracking of the physical and financial progress of the beneficiary at all levels of the hierarchy of implementation of the rural level, block level, district level, state level and national level.

Unique Disability Identity (UDID)

The objective of the UIDID project introduced by the Empowerment of the disabled persons is to create a comprehensive end-to-end integrated system for issuing the Universal ID and disability certificate for persons with disabilities and their identity details. It includes :

  • Online availability of data of disabled persons across the country through a centralized web application
  • Online application and registration application form for disability certificate / Universal ID card; Offline applications can also be accepted and later digitized by the agencies
  • Quick assessment process for calculating percentage of disability
  • By the hospitals / medical board
  • Non-repetition of PwDs data
  • Online renewal of information and updates on behalf of persons with disabilities
  • MIS Reporting Framework
  • Effective management including the difference of benefits / plans initiated by the government for the handicapped person (PwD)
  • Take care of additional disability in the future. At present the number of disabled people is seven and can be increased according to the new act / notification, which can be 19 or more.


The purpose of this scheme is to enable the Government to get new UDID card / disability certificate to avail the benefits and benefits provided by various Ministries and their departments. This card will be valid Pan-India. UDID Portal is designed to provide an online platform for:

  • New application for UDID
  • Upon expiry of validity / renewal of existing certificate / card
  • In case of loss of card / certificate

Benefits of UDID Card

  • Disabled persons will not need to make many copies of documents, maintain and carry many documents as the card will capture all the necessary details which can be decoded with the help of a reader.
  • UDID card will be a single document for validation and verification of the disabled for availing various benefits in the future.
  • UDID CARD will help in the tracking and lining of the beneficiary’s physical and financial progress at all levels of implementation hierarchy – village level, block level, district level, state level and national level.

Documents required

  • Scanned copy of recent color photo.
  • Scanned image of signature (optional)
  • Scanned copy of address proof (base / driving license / state domicile etc.)
  • Scanned copy of identity proof (Aadhar card / PAN card / driving license etc.)
  • Scanned copy of disability certificate (only for those persons who have issued disability certificate, by competent authority)

Online apply  For UDID CARD 

1. Persons with Disabilities who already have a disability certificate (whose data has been migrated to the UDID portal): Please visit http://www.swavlambancard.gov.in/pwd/searchappationation, for all PwD issued certificate of disability. To find your details by the beneficiary ID / State ID or Aadhaar number (if connected). Upon receiving your details, fill out the application and submit it.

2. A person with a disability already has a disability certificate (whose data has not been migrated to the UDID portal): They visit swavlambancard.gov.in. Click Apply Online, fill the application freshly and select the “Disability certificate? Yes” option in the Disability Details tab. Fill in the other details and submit the application.

3. A disabled person does not have a disability certificate: They can go to swavlambancard.gov.in and then apply for online application by clicking on Apply for Disability Certificate & UDID Card link.

Source : UDID Portal

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