Uttar Pradesh Gaushala Scheme complete information

Uttar Pradesh Grant Scheme for Gaushala complete information

Following the formation of the Chief Yogi Adityanath ji in Uttar Pradesh, the mini-Kamdhenu scheme in the state has been closed. But Yogi ji started a major and important scheme in the field of animal husbandry. Gaushala Yojana, today we will tell you in this article what is the Gaushala scheme in Uttar Pradesh and how to get help from the government under this scheme.

What is Uttar Pradesh Gaushala Yojana?

The Uttar Pradesh government has created several new laws and schemes to protect the cattle, of which it is also an important plan. At the same time, the state government has also made a strong law to stop the illegal trade of the cow.
And the problem of the cows roaming in the streets and markets in Uttar Pradesh has taken a vivid form. To cure the problem of these cows, Anna cows are being brought up in several cows in the state. In such a situation, the Government has started this scheme to get rid of the problem of living and eating of these cows, in which any person can now open a cowherd in his village or city in which the government will help him and grant him something Will also provide the amount

Eligibility for Gaushala Yojana

  • Any Indian farmer and civilian can open a cow.
  • According to the Uttar Pradesh government, the person should be able to have around 200 cows.
  • It is necessary to get recognition from the Animal Animal Welfare Board to open the cowshed.
  • To open a cow, it is mandatory for a person to have more land than 5 bighas.
  • The cows should have a PAN number.
  • According to Animal Husbandry Minister S.P. Singh, the government will grant you a grant for the protection of each cow.

Sources of Income from Gaushala Yojana

  • According to UP Gaushala Yojna, the government will grant you a grant on opening the cow.
  • Gaushala The income generated from the sale of products that can be made can be a major source of your income.
  • You can get huge profits even from the sale of milk and milk products.
  • Income from Panchgavya based products
  • Income from the production and sale of Compost Fertilizers, Vermi Compost, etc.

Expenditure to open the gaushala

  • Fodder for cows and their diet expenditure
  • Salary and wage expense of workers engaged in cows
  • Medical expenditure on sickening of animals
  • Expenditure incurred on electricity and water bills
  • Cattle rehabilitation expenses etc. in Gaushala

How much grants get from Gaushala Yojana

  • An important means of income under this scheme is that in this, some amount will be given to the person who opens the cowshed by the government This amount will be 30 प्रति per cow i.e. i.e. you get 30 पर every day on every cow
  • Gaushala Income from sale of products that I make can be a better way of earning.

How to get this grant from government

1. If your cowherd is registered, you can apply for a grant. For this, you will have to fill the form related to the scheme. For downloading the form and other information click on the link given below: http://animalhusb.up.nic.in/

2. After filling the completed form, necessary documents will be attached in it and application form will be given as a file.

3. After filling the application form, the application form has to be submitted in the office of the chief veterinary officer of his district.

4. After depositing the application of Gaushala Anudan Yojana, the application form will be scrutinized and the terrestrial inspection of Gaushala is done on the basis of verification report of the three members selected by the team of 5 members under the chairmanship of Chief Development Officer of the district. Will go.

5. After which grant will be given to the Gaushala at the district level and the proposal will be forwarded to Go Services Commission.

For more information on obtaining grant, visit official website http://animalhusb.up.nic.in/

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