Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
What Is Content Recreation & How It Can Be Done in 2019

If you are new to the idea of article rewriting, it will take a few minutes to grasp. However, it is very common in the web content creation industry today. You will realize after browsing on some topic on the internet that a lot of the information on the web shares the same factual knowledge. This is not because there is not more information to add, but because it has become a common practice to recreate content.

What is content recreation?

This process is also referred to as article spinning, article rewriting and paraphrasing. The concept is simple. You read a piece of content. You research on it a little while. Then the information that you have read on there, you try to rewrite it your own words. One thing can be said in thousand ways. Take the following example. There are two paragraphs shared below. The first paragraph shares some information below. You can use Online Text Rewriter to effectively get new content for your website, posts and articles.
Grammar is an important component of content. It leaves an impression. While ideas show the intellect of an author, grammar represents the credibility of the author. A blog post that has flawless grammar should be able to rank higher on search engines. If you want to make sure that your content is error free, you can use an online grammar checker.
Now read the following paragraph that paraphrases the above information.
One of the most significant elements in content creation is grammar. The grammar of a blog won’t tell you if the author writes influentially. But it does leave an impression. Websites with no grammatical errors tend to rank higher up on search engines like Google. Grammar speaks for the credibility of the
content. A piece of content that has not been proofread has more likelihood of not being credible. To make sure that you make no mistakes in your content, use an online grammar checker.
Can you see how the second paragraph shares the same information but uses different words? That is the whole deal with content recreation. Your whole goal is to make sure that you don’t qualify for plagiarism when trying to rephrase information.

How does content recreation avoid plagiarism?

In the web content creation industry, it is common practice to see people copying content off other websites and sharing it as their own. This is fraud and a website can be sued for copying someone’s content. Plagiarism is use of someone’s intellectual property. It could mean a graphic design, audio, text and more. But in SEO, plagiarism is specific to the use of someone’s content. Plagiarism checker tools check to see how much two text documents are similar in terms of the vocabulary choice they make. They don’t care for ideas. It is because they lack human intelligence. It is why it is easier to recreate content without having to worry about being taken to the court.

How to recreate content?

Content recreation can be both an automated and manual task. It is recommended that you hire a content rewriter who will be able to rewrite the content for you. Whether you are doing it manually or you are using an automated tool, it does save time in comparison to creating a new piece of content. Manual rewriters are more trustable in the sense that they create absolutely new content. They cost you a little but it is worth it if you can make that sort of investment.
On the other hand, an automated rewriter is an online rewriting tool that is often available for free but in some cases you will need to purchase the tool. Either way, the tool is designed to reposition information in a way that it seems like new content. The tool makes use of synonyms to use new vocabulary. With an
automated tool however, you will notice that it does not make sense sometimes. Since it is a tool which does not understand language beyond its grammatical relevance, sometimes the content seems like gibberish. It is out of context. That is not the same with a manual rewriter. You can also try to edit the content manually once you are done spinning it in an online tool.

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